Natural and Environmental Sciences Research Papers/Topics

Afromontane avian assemblages and land use in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia : patterns, processes and conservation implications

Abstract: Although protected areas have been used as principal conservation tools, most of them are suffering from human-induced threats. Consequently, a good understanding of such human-driven threats on biodiversity and identifying early warning systems for habitat change in protected areas is necessary for effective conservation of natural resources. To examine the impact of human disturbance on avifaunal assemblages and to assess the potential application of birds as bioindicators of for...

Evaluation Of Nutritional And Microbiological Quality Of Biscuit Fortified With Malted Millet Flour

Abstract This study was carried out to determine the effect of addition of different levels (5, 10, 15, and 20%) of malted millet flour on nutritional quality, microbiological safety and sensory characteristic for biscuits. Proximate analysis (moisture, protein, fat, fiber and ash) to wheat flour, millet, malted millet flour and biscuits were performed. Microbiology safety and sensory characteristic also physical properties and energy for biscuits were also done. There was significant (p