Research Papers/Topics in Medical Radiography And Radiological Sciences

Bilateral congenital cystic adenomatiod malformation of the lungs : a case report

ABSTRACTA six weeks old infant presented with scalp ulcer and fever, and on examination was found to have resonant percussion notes bilaterhlly. The initial chest radiograph revealed multiple lucencies which were initially thought to be due to diaphragmatic hernia, but the dilemma was resolved bf; Computerised tomography which revealed the lucencies to be multiple cysts characteristics of Congenital Cystic Aaenomatiod Malformation (CCAM) type II.


Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a functional neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity by recording magnetic fields produced by electrical currents occurring naturally in the brain, using very sensitive magnetometers. Arrays of SQUIDs(Superconducting quantum interference devices) are currently the most common magnetometer, while the SERF(pin exchange relaxation- free) magnetometer is being investigated for future machines.

Assessment Of Awareness Of Radiation Hazards Associated With Air Travel Among Air Travel Users In Enugu Metropolis

Aim: To determine the level of awareness of the passengers of aircrafts on the health hazards associated with air travel in the Akanu Ibiam Airport, Enugu where the research was carried out.The study also sought to determine the relationship between the respondents’ level of education and their awareness of the health hazards associated with increased cosmic radiation dose. Finally, the researcher sought to determine the relationship between the respondents’ knowledge of the health r...

Assessment Of Paediatric X-Ray Examination Practices In Two Tertiary Health Institutions In Enugu Metropolis

Justification and optimization are the key principles in the protection of patients exposed to ionization radiation from diagnostic purposes. This is more important in the imaging of children because they are more susceptible to the effect of ionizing radiation and they have longer life expectancy compared to adults. As a result of this, there is also recent requirement for diagnostic radiology department to demonstrate compliance with these principles. A study was carried out to assess and c...