Research Papers/Topics in Transport Management Technology

Improving SeaPort performance

Seaport play a very important role in world trade. Efficient ports are known to be the key source of rising integration of global economy. In this paper we shall consider these institutional aspects of improving seaport performance under three convenient headings: 1. Operation. 2. Maintenance. 3. Safety.

A Study of Passenger Satisfaction and Service Quality of Selected airlines in Nigeria

The aim of this research is to conduct a comparative study of passenger satisfaction and service quality in Nigeria among the  considered airlines (Virgin Atlantic, British airways and Med-view airline) on Lagos to London route/flights. The research was based  on assessing the level of passenger satisfaction on the airline service quality attributes/dimensions. The study shows and ranked  Virgin Atlantics services first, British airways services second and Med-view airline services third. ...

Economic Implication of Absence of National Carrier in the Nigeria Aviation Industry

The aim of the study is to access the economic implication of absence of National carrier in the Nigeria aviation  industry. The airline industry is the key drive of the travel and tourism industry and also a major contributor to many  countries‟ overall economy through international tourist arrivals and departures. The study estimate the amount of  revenue Nigeria is losing to capital flights for not having a viable national carrier over the past ten years that is from  2007 to 2016.Th...