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The goal of every student is to have good grades in their course work or subjects. No student ever wants to labor in vain. Every student always wants to achieve the best in their academic work. 

Besides, what is the essence of going to school without achieving good grades in one’s subject or course? So, we see the labor, the denials, the discipline, and the dedication to achieving greatness demonstrated by most students in school. Our world has suffered cases of many 

who have suffered psychological disorder due to low grade despite much labor, some even decide to take their own life by their own self (commit suicide) due to frustration and depression, and some give up on going to school and decided to drop out of school to try other endeavors. These are clear indications that everyone covets to see if not a commensurate result but a reasonable result of their labor in every subject. It is no longer news that, bad grades bring tears to the eyes and pain to one’s life. Bad grades can even make someone get discouraged and eventually stopped believing in ones ability. Getting good grades then becomes every student’s goal and desire. And this topic helps to emphasize the importance or roles of hard work and smart work in scoring good grades in mathematics.

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