Imamship in Ikotun-Ile Oyun Local Government Area, Kwara State



Islam is a religion and a way of life for the Muslims, it consist of worship of the creator and goodness to others to ensure a just society for all. Salat is a very important duty in Islam as it distinguishes Muslims from others. It is an institution of the Muslim congregation in a locality with the Imam as the head and Mosque as his office. Nonetheless, it is on this background therefore that this research aims at discussing the institution of Imamship in Ikotun-Ile Town Central Mosque with a view to (i) Examine the concept of Imamship in Islam (ii) Document the historical origin of Ikotun-Ile (iii) Identify the pattern adopted in Ikotun-Ile to appoint leaders. (iv) Assess the contributions of earlier Muslim to the spread of Islam in Ikotun-Ile (v) Give the historical account of Imamship in Ikotun-Ile town Central Mosque (vi) Highlight the problems encountered by earlier Muslims in Ikotun-Ile. The study has adopted historical and descriptive methods of research. The historical method has assisted in rendering the historical account of Ikotun-Ile town as well as the contribution of the earlier Muslim in Ikotun to the spread of Islam. While the descriptive method has helped in describing the past and present activities such as the methods of appointing Imam in Ikotun Central Mosque as well as the duties and functional roles of Imams in Ikotun Central Mosque. The major findings of the study were: (i) Most of our present day Imams are easily brought over when it comes to monitory matter owing to the fact that they are not placed on regular salaries. (ii) People seek for the position of Imamship using all means possible because of its attractiveness and respect. (iii) In some places, the position of Imamship is based on blood relationship or hereditary. (iv) Some people have inordinate ambitions that lead then to resort to evil ways in their bid to actualize their dreams of being an Imam. The study therefore concluded by recommending that our present day Imams should emulate the deeds and good character of the Prophet and most of the scholars should join hand in condemning the in ordinate ambition of those people who resort to evil ways in their bids to actualize their dreams of being an Imam.       


Title Page                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                 ii

Dedication                                                                                   iii      

Acknowledgement                                                                       iv      

Abstract                                                                                       vi

Table of Contents                                                                        vii


1.0     Introduction                                                                       1

1.1     Background to the Study                                                   3

1.2     Aim and Objective of the Study                                        3

1.3     Scope of the Study                                                             5

1.4     Justification of the Study                                                   6

1.5     Research Methodology                                                      6

1.6     Definition of Terms                                                           7

          Notes and References                                                        9



2.1     Concept of Imamship in Islam                                           11

2.2     Imamship among the Salafs                                               23

2.3     Qualities of an Imam                                                         29

2.4     Roles of Imam in Islam                                                     40

          Notes and References                                                        43


3.1     History of Ikotun                                                               48

3.1.1  Geographical Location of Ikotun                                       62

3.2     Islam in Ikotun                                                                  63

3.3     Muslims of Ikotun and Other Faith                                    68

3.4     Challenges of Islam in Ikotun                                            70

          Notes and References                                                        73


4.1     Imamship in Ikotun-Ile                                                      79

4.2     Contributions of Past Imams in Ikotun-Ile Town               82

4.3     The Central Mosque of Ikotun-Ile                                     86

4.3.1  Socio-Religious Function                                                  87

4.3.2  Administrative Function                                                    90

4.3.3  Centre of Economic Activities                                           91

4.3.4  Centre of Learning                                                             92

4.4     Methods of Appointing Imams in Ikotun-Ile                      93

4.5     Functions of the Imam of Ikotun-Ile                                  95

          Notes and References                                                        97


5.1     Summary                                                                           101

5.2     Conclusion                                                                        102

5.3     Suggestion and Recommendation                                      107

          Notes and References                                                        112

Bibliography                                                                      113

          Appendix                                                                           116



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