Impact of Promotional Strategy in the Hotel Industry (A Case Study of Kwara Hotel)



This project, work is intended to deal with the application of promotional strategy to marketing and its contributions to achievement of organization goals with particular focus on the Nigerian hotel industry (wing Kwara hotel as a case study).

Attempts will be made to discuss certain vital elements in marketing known as the “marketing communication mix” or the “promotion mix”. The purpose of the study will be discussed. Attempts wil be made to identify problems of the organization (i.e. Kwara hotel) upon which hypothesis will be formulated to be analyzed and interpretation to the hypothesis and data will be stated in clear terms. The aims, objective and significance of the study will also be discussed, and a brief historical background of the organization.

Furthermore, conclusion and recommendation will be put forward in order in develop a more standard way of enlightening the public the more.

Promotion is a coordination of all seller initiated efforts to set up channel of persuasion and communication in order to facilitate a sale of the product or the acceptance of an idea. An effective promotion should arouse attention, stimulate interests, generate desire and motivate action of consumers and potential consumer in a product or brand. It persuade people and finally sells the product.

Marketing calls for more than developing a good product, packaging the product, pricing it attractively and making it readily to the consumers. The company must design and disseminate information about the product existence, features and terms and how this will disseminating information to the target customers. It must communicate effectively with other parties in the task environment for example dealers or suppliers and also with major external publics for example the stock holders or the financial comities and with internal public e.g. management, directors, sales force and the employees.

To communicate well, organizations involve themselves in advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and publics. For many organizations, the question is not whether to communicate, using any of the above tools, but how much to spend and in which of the tools above.

A study of promotion is relevant to different type of organization. Promotional activities are undertaken by commercial enterprises, trade association’s educational institutions, government bodies, charitable organizations, political parties and many others.

While some firms have money than other for promotion, spending, no firm including Kwara hotel has unlimited resources. Therefore, they most determine for themselves which of these goals are much important and how much it can afford to spend to reach them. However, after completion of their research project, the organization of Kwara hotel is expected to benefit from it in great measure.







Table of content

Abstract (proposal)



1.1Aims and objectives of the study

1.2Statement of research problems

1.3Significance of study

1.4Scope of the study

1.5Limitation of study

1.6Historical background of Kwara hotel


2.1Literature review



2.4Sales promotion

2.5Public relations


2.7Personal selling



3.0Research methodology

3.1Research population

3.2Research sample

3.3Source of data

3.4Sampling method

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