The study examined the impact of social media (Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Internet, E-mail, Google+, Twitter etc) on political promises especially during electoral activities such as electoral campaigns, voting etc, and how political promises delivered through social media influence people who access social networking. The study was also carried out to investigate whether social media help the politicians to achieve electoral victory than using mass media to make political vows.  The researchers adopted survey research method to investigate opinions of people living in Enugu State metropolis whose population is 722,664. Out of which, 400 representatives were sampled out for an interview.  Technological Determinism Theory is reviewed as the theoretical framework of the study as well as other empirical relevant literatures.  The findings of the study show that the effect of social media on political promises is very positive and effective on both the politicians and the electorate; it also helps the politicians to gain electoral victory during or after electoral processes; and, that the world is rapidly adopting the platform as the best new channels of disseminating electoral promises to the society. The researchers, therefore, recommended that the use of social media for electoral process should be encouraged especially in Africa. The problems associated with the process of disseminating effective campaign promises should be addressed by the government in order to improve the less privileged in the society, who by nature of negligence, were thrown behind.

Title Page          i
Approval Page         ii
Dedication          iii
Acknowledgement         iv
Abstract          v

Chapter One: 
1.1 Background of the study      1
1.2 Statement of Problems        6
1.3 Objectives of the study       7
1.4 Significance of the Study      8
1.5 Research Questions       8
1.6 Research Hypothesis       9
1.7 Theoretical Framework        10
1.8 Scope of the study        12
1.9 Limitation of the study        12
1.10 Definitions of the Terms       13 

Chapter Two: 
Literature Review  
2.1 Source of  Literature        16
2.2 The Review         16
2.3 Summary of Literature       31

Chapter Three: 
3.0 Research Method        34
3.1 Research Design        34
3.2 Area of Study        35
3.3 Research Population        35
3.4 Research Sample        36
3.5 Sample Technique       37
3.6 Instrument of Data Collection      38
3.7 Method of Data Collection       38
3.8 Method of Data Analysis       39
3.9 Expected Results        40

Chapter Four: 
Presentation and Interpretation Data
4.1 Data Presentation and Analysis       43
4.2 Testing of Hypothesis        49
4.3 Discussion of the Results       53

Chapter Five: 
Summary of Conclusion and Recommendation 
5.1 Summary         56
5.2 Conclusion         57
5.3 Recommendations       56

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