Influence of Advertising on Business Organisations


The study examined the effects of advertisement on the success of an organisation using Diamond bank adverts as a study. The objectives behind the study were to find out various advertising strategies employed by Diamond bank to reach its numerous customers, ascertain how effective these advertising strategies are, to ascertain the extent to which these advertisements of Diamond bank have contributed to the patronage of their service in Nigeria and to identify other areas these advertisements have improved in the organisation. A total number of sixty (60) questionnaires were administered to Staff members of diamond banks in Enugu state and a total of fifty two 52 were retrieved were surveyed. The finding of the study revealed that all respondents agree that diamond bank engage in various advertising strategies to reach their numerous audience. Respondents also agree that television advert is the major the advertising media strategy of the bank. The finding of the study also revealed that the various advertising strategy used by diamond bank is very effective toward achieving its objective. The study disclosed that most of the respondents indicated that the various advertisement of diamond bank has improved the area of expansion of the bank system. Also the finding revealed that the various advertisement contribute to the patronage level of the bank and this is to a great extent. It concludes that advertisement is a veritable tool for achieving the objectives of a business organisation. It thus recommends that Banks should pay more attention on their advertising strategies in other to gain more customers.




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