Institutional Factors And Project Performance In Postal Corporation, Kenya



Performance of any project is deemed as a source of concern to both the private and public sector clientele. Project success needs creating a well detailed and planned project plan and also understanding the key success factors. Delays in implementation of a project are dangerous which quite often result in cost overrun, time overrun, disputes and in some cases total abandonment of projects. The key objective of this research study was to establish institutional factors affecting project performance of Postal Corporation. The specific objectives of the research study were to assess the effects of organizational resources, institutional policies, organizational culture and procurement procedure on project performance in the Postal Corporation of Kenya. Descriptive design was used. The target population of this study was 215 postal headquarters staff. Using stratified sampling technique, the study used a sample of size 132 respondents. A semi-structured questionnaire has been used to gather the main data. Descriptive statistics (frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviations) were used to analyse quantitative data. The study's independent and dependent variables were assessed using multiple regression analyses. Data presentation was in charts and tables. The study found that operating resources are effectively distributed for each implementation phase and that skilled employees exist to enhance effective project implementation. The study also found that ethical standards are adhered to by employees and that customer needs are a priority in the delivery of service, that employees are compliant to rules and regulations. The study concluded that organizational culture, procurement procedure, institutional policies and organizational resource had a significant influence on project performance in Postal Corporation. The study recommends that Postal Corporation management should introduce frequent training sessions aimed at improving human capital skills. The study also recommends that there is a need for implementation of the projects that are in line with an organisations strategy review that creates more focus on customers, provide room for creative autonomy, and promote entrepreneurial culture and adaptive performance among employees. The study would also form part of PCK’s planning for the future and development of strategies. The study would also be resource for data and information for the Board of directors and management with regard to institutional factors and project performance.

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