Legend in Jizhou Kiln —— Muye Cup

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For  a  long  time,  Chinese  people  have  been  accustomed  to  using  ceramic  utensils.  It developed  from  the  embryonic  form  of  production  in  the  Qin  and  Han  dynasties  to  the  mature technology  in  the  Ming  and  Qing  dynasties.  With  a  long  history,  the  tradition  of  porcelain  is closely related to our culture, which influence each other. The audience of porcelain has always been very wide: from princes and nobles to ordinary people. Aiming at satisfying the needs of the social strata, a large number of porcelain baking places were slowly appearing. In ancient times, 

the traffic was extremely inconvenient, which made fragile articles such as porcelain unable to be well protected and transported to other areas. Therefore, a large number of ceramic kiln mouths have  been  produced  in  different  areas.  Considering  the differences  in  weather  and  climate,  soil quality  and  water  quality,  cultural  understanding  and  religion,  they  made  all  kinds  of  porcelain with different styles and advantages for the ancient Chinese ceramics industry. Among them, the pinnacle works produced by chance and coincidence have always been well known by everyone. There are “five famous kilns”: Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun and Ding. There are also eight kiln systems: Ru Kiln, Yaozhou Kiln, Guan Kiln, Ding Kiln, Cizhou Kiln, Jun Kiln, Jingdezhen Kiln and Ge Kiln. These are all made by ancestors to meet the needs of life. As a result, some are made beautifully and some are simple. This is not because the craftsman’s skills or intentions are not enough, but to meet  the  needs  of  diverse  users. Although  the  porcelain  of  Jizhou  Kiln  is  not  as  famous  as the 

porcelain produced by  Jianzhan, who also produced black  glazed porcelain, the leaf  pattern  cup produced by Jizhou Kiln is unique in the firing process and incomparable in aesthetics. Muye cup of Jizhou kiln is similar to the porcelain produced by other kilns

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