“Kyekyekule Sonata"


So far as the musical interculturalism in African art music is concerned today, this study focuses on how an artist acquainted with both traditional music and western contemporary practices can create a novel piano piece that is a hybrid of the two worlds. The study adopts the bi-musicality and African pianism theories of Euba (1992) and Webster’s (1996) creative thinking model as its conceptual framework. In the composition, themes were borrowed from ‘Kyekyekule’ (a children’s game in Ghana); from particular styles of church music (termed praises) viz., “Ye be ma so” and “Osee yee”, and “Komfo Anokye egbo”, which are also tunes sung when kpanlongo rhythms are rendered. These songs were recorded, transcribed and analysed critically and materials selected for the piano music utilizing both the syncretic and bi-musical approaches to composition. The result is the “Kyekyekule” Sonata, a piano sonata in three movements. The first movement is structured on the classical sonata form; the second is based on the rondo form whilst the third is in free fantasia. The report also provides an insight into the thought processes of the composer, offering a guide for listeners to think creatively through the music. It also presents an analysis that gives a panoramic view of the piano music. Finally, the perspectives highlight all the social, moral and educational relevance of the work. 

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