LAW 212- Legal Methods ii

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Legal Methods I and II is a two-semester course. You would have taken the first part, Legal Methods 101 in the first semester. The second part, Legal Methods II is a foundation level course. It will be available to all students towards fulfilling core requirements for the degree in Law. The course will discuss basic law principles. The material has been developed to suit students in Nigeria by adapting practical examples from within our jurisdictions. This course guide tells you briefly what the course is about, what course materials you will be using and how you can work your way through these materials. It suggests some general guidelines for the amount of time you are likely to spend on each unit of the course in order to complete it successfully. It also gives you some guidance on your tutormarked assignments (TMAs). Detailed information on TMAs is found in the separate assignment file, which will be available to you in due course. There are regular tutorial and surgery classes that are linked to the course. You are advised to attend these sessions. What you will learn in this course The overall aim of LAW 102 is to introduce the fundamental principles and applications of sources of law. During this course you will learn about primary sources of law, secondary sources, letters, speeches, interviews, periodicals and newspaper and foreign materials as sources of law. You will also learn how these materials serve as sources of law. 2.0 COURSE AIMS The aim of the course can be summarized as follows: this course aims to give you an understanding of general principles of law and how they can be used in relation to other branches of law. This will be achieved by aiming to: (i) Introduce you to the basic sources of law; (ii) Use of source materials; (iii) Cite cases; (iv) Take brief and write legal letters

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