A hospital is a medical treatment facility capable of providing inpatient care.  It is appropriately staffed and equipped to provided diagnostic and therapeutic services, as well s the necessary, sporting service required to perform its assigned mission and function.  A hospital may, in addition, discharged the function of a clinic.  Hospital is a health facility where patients, received treatment and also an institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care.

Meaning of Service 
A service is a type of economic activity that is intangible , is not stored and does not result in ownership of any thing.  A service is consumed at the prompt of sale.  Service are one of two key component of economic, the other being goods.  Example include, the transfer of goods, such as the postal service delivery mail and the use of expertise, or experience, such s a person visiting doctor.
A service is also an act or performance offered by one person to another.  Although the process may be tied to a physical product, the performance is transitory, often intangible in nature, and does not normally result in ownership of any of the factors of production.

Name of the Business 
The name of the service business is Bishop Shonahan Hospital Nsukka Historical Background of the Hospital. Bishop Sharaham Hospital is a major teaching hospital affiliated to the ministry of health of Nigeria.  It was found in 1937 in commoration of Dr. Albert James, the great pioneer in the Nigeria Democratic Revolution, Affiliated to the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNTH). It was then the first large hospital run by University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu.  Through nearly 75 years of development, bishop Schonahan hospital now cover an area of 36 meters, and have about 36 building.  The hospital has 1,700 beds serving about 360 impatients and 295 out patients and emergency among its 986 medical staff are 26 professors and associate professors and associate professor, 45 physical 316 nurses and 96 technicians.

The hospital has all medical division, except pediatrics, excelling in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, live cancer, renal and pulmonary diseases etc. it has been designated as the shanghai clinical centre for cardiovascular diseases and liver cancer.  Having their head office set up in the hospital. The hospital specialized in difference field such as liver cancer, radiology, rehabilitation diseases, respiratory diseases, vascular surgery.  Nuclear medicines institute of Fudan University have become the major research centre of the hospital.  The organ transplantation centre is another feature of the hospital, renal, liver and heart transportations have already become routine practive.  The Shanaham quality infection, altra sound respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, cardiology and general surgery are also attached to the hospital.  The hospital also renowned for its strength in abdominal surgery, orthopedics, interventional radiology, anesthesia, ultra-sound diagnosing and integrated treatment of Western and traditional medicine.  The hospital is undertaking annually some 60 major research projects  supported by the National Ministry of Education, ministry of health and municipal government. Nearly 100 items have been answered for distinguished achievement in research by the central or local government in recent years.

Bishop  shanaham hospital is well installed with advanced equipment include PET-CT, digital subtraction angiographer, linear accelerator, multislic aspiral, sigle pohotom emission computed tomographer, digital, radiographer, high energy ultrasound treatment apparatus, shock wave lithotripsy apparatus, duplex scanner, teleconsultation system and teleeducation system.  The hospital is located a long St. Theresa’s Road beside St. Mary’s Cathedral Nsukka.  The hospital always place the patients need as the priority and sets the prudent practically, unity and offering” as the discipline, dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical care for all kinds of patients.

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