Online Hotel Booking System


The study Online Hotel Reservation System is the design of an electronically driven system that will enable travelers to book hotel from anywhere in the world at their convenience. This is prompted by the fact that the cost of booking a hotel accommodation is becoming increasingly high with low information of where one can get a good hotel. The main objective in this study is to design a website that is user friendly, has a secured payment system and can provide information to customers on where to get hotels and at a good price. Using Imo Concord Hotel as a case study involves understudying the current system of reserving an accommodation at the hotel, critically looking at the ease and efficiency and then proffering a solution that will enhance productivity and prompt availability of services. Method applied in this work is Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology. This involves taking a feasibility study of the project to compare it with what is already on ground, take a requirement analysis and specification of the project and then create a user interface vi that will enable effective use of the programme. The specification includes the hardware and software requirements, the codes of the programme and the physical interface. The first part of this study looked into the current system of hotel reservation, the constrains associated with it and the ease with which customers have access to information about the hotel before they can make reservations. The second aspect of the study now made available the instrument of technology to help travelers and users of hotel to be able to have information about different hotels and their facilities online, make payments to their choice of hotel from where ever they are in any part of the world. In this work the issue of choice was critically handled where the traveler is at liberty to make choice on the kind of hotel and the type of services he may require from them. This ensures direct transaction with the hotel to remove the role of middle men who most at times raise the cost of booking a hotel. The project has been able to proffer solution to the problem of intermediaries raising the cost of hotel accommodation and recommends a more indept study in designing a site that can be able to collate response from customers on their experience with visited hotels. This will boost the confidence of intending customers and will help their choice. 

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