Psychological Trauma of Rape and its effects on Adolescent Female Victims between 12-19 years in Secondary Schools

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According to the Biblical basic psychological traumatic reference in Genesis 2:9. The truncation cord between God and Adam was typically a great depression on both God and Adam; the effect was spelled out by the critical action that erupted from God to him. God wasn’t in a very peace of mind when He saw that Adam has been deprived of his virtue and identity also make him less valued to divinity by accepting the scenario of what Satan placed before Eve (Adam) though satan diplomacy was not on the treated topic but a reference to trauma that any victim of rape could probably involve which the evolving can be elongated beyond repair. 

Therefore, this project is subject to bring out the genesis, the definitions, the reasons, the effect and the solution on the victim (especially for those said age ranges), the parent, the society and even the violators (because they also become a victim by the reason of their actions)

Absolutely there’s no other way out of any particular problem than to secure a better revolutionary solution against being repeated. One of the most important overrated human parts is the psychological web is primarily for life peaceable agreement to self and to the world. There’s no relationship without the complete perfect peace of mind that should always stand against any way it want to jeopardize the technicality and the mechanism of the entire tripartite of both the host and environs 

The understanding and knowledge to be in agreement of what nature dictates must be in line with the systematic approach of human’s health world. Nobody achieves any projected dreams without being in a good state of mind. The beauty of every man is in their concept to engage and disengage whatsoever present to be a force. The Bible says, “we have been given power to attain wealth”. Now the conception of the radicalism of that injection is ability to stand in the figurative ideology that will propel the gunshot to hit the target, irrespective of daily mountainous hyperbolic object against man’s struggle

The day a mad-man discovers his state of madness, the same hour his senses are restored, said one of the “Yoruba” proverbs, a group of ethnics in Nigeria. This means, mental illness is the principal dangerous phenomenon in the world of human stability. The peace of every one is his/her mind-set. 

Table of content

Title Page    i

Blank page    ii

Dissertation Approval    iii

Declaration    iv 

Dedication    v

Acknowledgement    vi

Abstract    vii-viii

Table of content    ix



1.1    Background to the Study    1

1.2    Problem Statement of the Thesis    5

1.3    Operational Definition of Terms    6

1.4    Limitation of the Study    8

1.5    Delimitations    9

1.6    Presuppositions    9

1.7    Purpose of the Study    9

1.8    Research Questions    10

1.9    Research Hypotheses    10

1.10    Significance of the Study    11

Endnote    13



2.0    Conceptual Clarification    17

2.1    Trauma    17

2.1.1    Effects of Trauma    24

2.1.2    Psychological Trauma    38

2.2    Emotion    38

2.3    Memory    44

2.3.1    Traumatic Memories    46

2.4    Rape    50

2.4.1    Rape in Nigeria    60

2.4.2    Cases of Rape prevalence in Nigeria    64

2.4.3    Cases of Rape outside Nigeria    69

2.4.4    Causes of Rape cases in Nigeria    71

2.4.4a    Peer Group Pressure/Influence    72

2.4.4b    Poverty    73

2.4.4c    Myths about Sex    74

2.4.4d    Exposure to Modernity    74

2.4.4e    Influence of Indecent Dressing    76

2.4.4f    The Nature of Adolescent    77

2.4.4g    Rape and Stigmatization    77

2.4.4h    Mishandling of Rape Cases    78

2.5    Rape under Nigerian Law    80

2.5.1    The Crime of Rape under the Criminal Code Act6    81

2.5.2    Rape and the Nigerian constitution    87

2.5.3    Consequences of Rape in Nigeria    89

2.6    Theoretical Background    92

2.6.1    Early Psychological Theories of Rape    92

2.6.2    Feminist Theorizing on Rape    94

2.6.3    Later Psychological Theorizing on Rape    96

2.6.4    Feminist Theories of Rape    100

2.6.5a    Patriarchal Power and Control    101

2.6.5b    Strengths and Empirical Support    102

Endnote    106



3.1 Introduction    125

3.2 Research Design    125

3.3 Population of Study    125

3.4 Sampling Procedure and Sample    125

3.5 Data Collection Instrument    126

3.5.1 Structure of the Questionnaire    126

3.6 Validity and Reliability    127

3.7 Data Collection Procedure    127

3.8 Method of Data Analysis    128



4.0 Introduction    129

4.1 Descriptive Analysis of Demographic Information    129

4.1.2 Respondents Age Distribution    129

Table 4.1 Respondents’ Age    130

4.1.2 Respondents Age Distribution    130

Table 4.2 Respondents’ Class    130

4.1.3 Respondents Religion    130

Table 4.3 Respondents’ Religion    131

4.2    Answer to Research Question    131

4.2.1    Understanding of Rape    131

Figure 1: Do You Have Boy friend    131

Figure 2: Do you know what rape is?    132

Figure 3: Which of these is correct?    133

4.2.2    Rape Reporting Attitude    133

Figure 4: Did you tell anyone about the rape    134

Figure 5: Who did you tell about the rape?    135

Figure 6: Reason for not Reporting    136

Figure 4.7 Legal Right    136

4.3 Testing of Hypotheses    141

4.3.1    Decision Rule    142

4.3.2    Results of Hypotheses    142

Table 4.10a Summary of ANOVA Result of Respondents Age and Biblical Counselling on Rape Victim    143

Table 4.10b Multiple Comparisons of Respondents Age and Biblical Counselling on Rape Victim    143

Table 4.11 Independent Samples Test of Rape Victim by Class (JSS1-3 and SSS1-3) on Their Academic    145

Table 4.12 Regression Traumatic Experience on Psychological Adjustment    146

Table 4.13 Regression Physical Effect on Traumatic Experience    146

Table 4.19 Regression Psychological Adjustment on Psychological Effect    147

4.4 Discussion of Findings    147

Endnote    153



5.1    Introduction    156

5.2    Summary of Findings    156

5.3    Conclusion    157

5.4    Recommendations    158-163

This study only covers the psychological trauma of rape and its effect on adolescent female victims between 12-19 years in secondary schools, further study can consider other set of age group    159

Endnote    161

Appendix    184

Appendix    184

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