Physico-Chemical Investigation on Dumpsite Leachate in Ilorin Metropolis

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1.1       Background of the study

The municipal solid waste dumpsite (MSWD) examined is located at sawmill, okefomo and irewolede at yidi road street and within Ilorin Metropolis Kwara State. The dumpsites examined contain both biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials of all sorts. The different waste materials may contain different physical, chemical and biochemical properties. In the presence of atmospheric water, high temperature and high microbial populations, these waste materials may decompose and get dissolved in the presence of water to generate a waste liquid substance called leachate. This waste water produced may infiltrate into the ground water aquifer, it may be washed into a nearby surface stream and it may affect soil properties. When humans come into direct contact with such contaminated samples, it may lead to public health problems. The gradual increasing population and the proliferation of basic industrial processes particularly in major cities of the world has led to civilization that have greater impact on the environment. The disposal of domestic, commercial and industrial garbage in the world is a problem that continues to grow with human civilisation and no method so far is completely safe. Experience has shown that all forms of waste disposal have negative consequences on the environment, public health, and local economies. Dumpsites are often established in disused quarries, mining or excavated pits away from residential areas. Designated government agency, corporate bodies and some individuals collect wastes routinely into these dumpsites. Here in Nigeria and particularly in Ilorin, modern landfill facilities are not found in these dumpsites; consequently sorting-out of wastes into degradable, non-degradable and recyclable precious materials cannot be achieved. Poor management of dumpsites could create a number of adverse environmental impacts, including wind-blow litter, attraction of mice and pollutants such as leachate, which can pollute underground soil bed, and / or aquifer. Landfill gas mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide are produced through biodegradation of such waste. Leachate from dumpsites is of particular interest when it contains potentially toxic heavy metals.

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