Poaching and the way forward

The indiscriminate elimination of wildlife portends great danger for our society and world order. It is worthy to note that poaching has continually reduced the population of wildlife and if steps are not taken to correct this threat, wildlife and conservation is just about dead. Thus it will follow the trend of well planned environment without a structure.

Stakeholders in this industry should take steps at reducing loss of wildlife but the errors of government towards wildlife management and conservation is poor and efforts must be made to support it. Take for instance, "sambisa" an hotspot for crime in north Eastern Nigeria should have been converted to a centre for Agro allied research, irrigational model for farming and game reserve, but the government allowed such treasure to remain fallow and thus became an hotspot for crime.

We should be able to differentiate between poaching and hunting because the former deals with immediate consumption of animals while the latter portends danger to animal population and their existence.

According to the United Nations, "there is a concerted action to end the threats to migratory birds and urging everyone to step outside to the birds chirping to appreciate how important they are to our planet."1 We have to protect this fragile animals with every resource at our disposal because their innocence would hurt us if we don't protect them from imminent dangers.

The convention on migratory species (CMS) announced the creation of the intergovernmental task force on illegal killing, trade etc. it comprises of UNEP, UNODC and INTERPOL. Illegal taking and killing of birds threatens not only the survival of bird species but environment, communities and livelihood. Poaching are not only traditional but taken sophisticated equipment to ply the trade, therefore multi tasking approach should be set aside to stop these trend in our game reserves.

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