Political Morality on Nigeria Education System

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Political corruption is a social problem found in various degrees and forms, and in the education system where it is not exempted, it has become almost endemic. This paper takes a critical observation regarding the conduct of educational bureaucrats, administrators of various educational institutions and Nigerian political structure. It appears that there is a symbiotic relationship between the educational culture and the socio-political culture of the Nigerian society and this has grossly affected the education system. Nigerian educational system over the years has been politicized. This calls for an attention, because no country thrives socioeconomically and politically above the quality of her education system. Using the method of critical analysis, this paper examines the concepts of politics, education and the relationship between politics and education in Nigeria and therefore advocates for the curbing of the menace of political corruption in the education system with a sense of urgency, since education is fundamentally the most powerful and effective instrument of socialization. The researchers, therefore, remind us that the security and development of any nation depend greatly upon the product of her educational system.



Keywords: Politics, Education, Corruption, Administration

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