Pork Supply, Marketing and Challenges in Ethiopia


The study was conducted to characterize pork and pork products marketing and challenges in Ethiopia.  Multistage  random  sampling  procedure  was  applied  to  select  a  total  of  40  pork retailers  from  six  towns.  Structured  questionnaire  was  used  to  collect  information  through face to face interview. Pork retailers were clustered into three categories as small scale (sell 10kg pork per  day)  based  on  quantities  of  pork  selling  per  day.  Collected  data  were  analyzed  using appropriate  statistical  procedures  of  SAS  and  SPSS  software  packages.  The  result  showed that the quantity of pork products sold per day was too small. About 61.5, 15.4 and 23.1% of 

Journal of Food Industry ISSN 1948-545X 2018,  Vol.  2,  No.  1  2pork retailers were selling 1 kg of pork products per day in small, medium and large  scale  retailers,  respectively.  In  most  cases,  pork  was  sold  in  the  form  of  mortadella, sausage and salami. In addition to pork    selling, almost all of the pork retailers were selling one or more other meat types such as beef, mutton, goat meat, fish and chicken. About 92.3% of the pork retailers were selling  both  beef  and  chicken  meat, and 79.5, 48.7 and 10.3% of them were selling fish, mutton, and goat meat, respectively. The average price (followed by SE) of a kilo gram of pork was 162(6.3), 164(4.0) and 172(6.0) Ethiopian Birr (ranging 7.5 to 8  USD  per  kg  of  pork)  in  small,  medium  and  large  scale  pork  retailers,  respectively.  The presence of few pork consumers, lack of formal central markets and public complain against pork consumption were the major challenges observed in pig and pork marketing value chain. In concussion, the findings of this study will improve awareness on existing pork marketing systems  in  Ethiopia  and  provide  valuable  information  that  can  support  future  interventions aiming to solve key challenges in the market value chain. Keywords: marketed meat types, source of pork, pork products, pork marketing, challenges

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