A reporter is someone who investigates and reports news stories, either for a newspaper, website or broadcast news outlet.
In journalism gift is referred to brown envelop (Payola, Freebies or bribe) which is defined as any valuable thing given or promise or any preferment, advantage or emolument, given or promised corruptly and against the law, as an inducement to any person acting in an official or public capacity to violate or forbear from his duty or to improperly influence his behaviour in the performance of his duty.  The term brown envelope (payola freebies or bribe) signifies any money, goods, right in action, property thing of value or advantage present or prospective or any promise or undertaking to give any, asked given or accepted with a current intent to influence unlawfully the person to whom it is given in his action, vote, or opinion in any public or official capacity.
This brown envelope is the obstacle that has frustrated the effects of the media in fight against graft that this paper seeks to highlight.

•Collects and analyzes information about newsworthy events to write news stories for publication or broadcast: Receives assignment or evaluates news leads and news tips to develop story idea.
•Gathers and verifies factual information regarding story through interview, observation, and research.
•Organizes material, determines slant or emphasis, and writes story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards.
•May monitor police and fire department radio communications to obtain story leads.
•May take photographs or shoot video to illustrate stories.
•My edit, or assist in editing, videos for broadcast.
•May appear on television program when conducting taped or filmed  interviews or narration.
•May give live reports from site of event or mobile broadcast unit.
•May transmit information to NEWSWRITER for story writing.
•May specialize in one type of reporting, such as sports, fires, accidents, political affairs, court trials, or police activities.
•May be assigned to outlying areas or foreign countries and be designated Correspondent or Foreign Correspondent.
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