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Cellulose water treatment are naturally occurring with unique structural, mechanical and optical properties. While the paper and packaging, automotive, personal care, construction, and textiles industries have recognized cellulose water treatments’ potential, we suggest cellulose water treatments have great untapped potential in water treatment technologies. In this review, we gather evidence of cellulose water treatment s’ beneficial role in environmental remediation and membranes for water filtration, including their high surface area-to-volume ratio, low environmental impact, high strength, functionalizability, and sustainability. We make direct comparison between cellulose water treatments and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in terms of physical and chemical properties, production costs, use and disposal in order to show the potential of cellulose water treatments as a sustainable replacement for CNTs in water treatment technologies. Finally, we comment on the need for improved communication and collaboration across the myriad industries invested in cellulose water treatment production and development to achieve an efficient means to commercialization.


COVEER PAGE.                                                                                                   1

TABLE OF CONTENT.                                                                                        2

ABSTRACT.                                                                                                          3

INTRODUCTION.                                                                                                4

MAIN TEXT.                                                                                                        4

Level of wastewater treatment                                                                            10

Wastewater reuse in agriculture                                                                          11

Industrial water treatment.                                                                         12

Status of water treatment plant in Nigeria.                                                13

Challenges of wastewater management.                                                             14

CONCLUSION.                                                                                                  15

REFERENCE                                                                                                      15

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