Service Uptake in UCH, Ibadan: A Time Flow Study


Objective: To determine the time flow of service uptake JS assessed by patients in the eye clinic of UCll with the view of identifying delays in service uptake, the reasons [or such delays and ways lo improve services.

Materials and methods: Fa ticals at lending the eye clinic of ihe University College II ospita I(VCr f) were selected (( scculively and interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire on the amount of time ihcy spent w(liting for the various services uIhc eye clinic and reasons for any perceived delays in receiving the services. For under-aged children, their !~uardians were interviewed.

Conclusion: Services in the eye clinic of UCH arc perceived by patients to be associated with extended time flow due mostly to the insufficient number of trained staff and fun(tionin~ equipment, recurrent industrial action and the poor attitude of some staff, which gives rise to patient dissatisfaction and complaints. There is the need to employ m01'C ey!.' doctors 1.0 provide function in?, equiprncnl, lo rccducatcy rc-oricntatc i!li staff in Lhe eye clinic and in UCJ I, and infact, in 1 public health institutions, 10 pI ov ide amore pati('llt·! ricru liy environments UJwugh!! 11 attitudinal change, and to ensure accessible, affordable and acceptable health care.

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