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Conjunctival Incisions for Trabeculectomy and Their Relationship to the Type of Bleb Formation - A Preliminary Study

SUMMARYThe bleb which develops following trabeculectomy may be diffuse or cystic in nature. Cystic blebs can be complicated by infection, leakage of aqueous, astigmatism and problems related to contact lens wear whereas diffuse blebs are not associated with such problems. 

Penetrating Eye Injuries In Children In Ibadan

ABSTRACTA retrospective study was carried out on 60 children under 12 years of age with penetrating eye injuries. This formed 28.7% of all penetrating eye injuries seen in the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Case Control Study Of Dry Eye And Related Ocular Surface Abnormalities In Ibadan, Nigeria

Abstract Background: Tear instability is associated with symptoms of ocular discomfort and irritation. Many patients with dry eyes remain untreated due to improper diagnoses. Objective :To identify symptoms and surface abnormalities associated with dry eyes. Materials and methods :One hundred and fifty-six eyes of 78 subjects attending the Eye Clinic of the University College Hospital Ibadan were screened for dry eyes/tear instability using rose Bengal stain (graded 0-9), tear break-u...

Adie's Syndrome as a Cause of Amblyopia

ABSTRACT Adie's syndrome comprises a tonic pupil, which may be associated with impairment of accommodation, in the presence of diminished or absent deep tendon reflexes. We report a case of a 4-year-old boy with Adie's syndrome in which latent hypermetropia was made manifest by accommodative paresis and resulted in reversible amblyopia

Diagnosis of Ocular disease in Ibadan by Ultrasound

Summary 15 patients with ocular disease, in whom views of posterior segment of the eyes could not be obtained underwent ultrasonography of the eyes to aid in the diagnosis and further management of the patients. In some cases the ultrasound was then compared with the histological diagnosis when the eye was removed and in other cases to the ophthalmoscopic examination when a better view of the posterior segment could be obtained. This was done as a pilot study to ascertain the level o...

Effectiveness Of Trabeculectomy On Glaucoma Patients In Ibadan

SlIIIlIDary· This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of trabeculectomy on African patients. All patients who underwent trabeculectomy over a 10-year period, January 1987 to December 1996 were included in the study. Information extracted from their case notes included age, sex, type of gJaucoma..,number of years of glaucoma before surgery, eye involved, and visual acuity pre-operatively and postoperatively. Intraocular pressures at presentation, preoperatively and post o...

Non-retrobulbar anaesthesia for trabeculectomy

Summary A prospective clinical trial using sub-conjunctival (Sub- Tenon's) anaesthesia for trabeculectomy is reported. Forty-one eyes of 22 consecutive patients with glaucoma had trabeculectomy performed using the sub-conjunctival method of local anaesthesia. The effectiveness of the anaesthetic, intra-operative and post- operative complications were recorded. Sub-conjunctival injection of local anaesthesia was found to be painless and free from the complications associated with ret...

Ocular Abnormalities in Newborn Infants needing Special Care

Summary Baiyeroju-Agbeja AM, Ornokhodion SI. Ocular Abnormalities in Newborn Infants needing Spccin ICa re. Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics t 998; 25:49. A prospective study was carried out over a six-month period to determine the pattern and outcome of ocular abnormalities in newborn infants needing special care. All babies at risk of developing retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) were excluded from the study as they were includedin a concurrently running ROP study. Twenty-eight of the rem...


SUMMARY The case of a sino orbital foreign body from the broken tips of a Pair of scissors traversing the floor of the left orbit, left maxillary sinus and left nasal cavity, and which had been left in place for two years because of financial constrains, before its surgical removal without much sequel, is presented. The need for adequate radiological investigations in all cases of head and neck trauma as well as the institution of health insurance in developing / low income economies to ...

The Ibadan glaucoma study

ABSTRACTTo obtain epidemiological data on the prevalence and risk factors for open angle glaucoma in hospital workers of African origin, and investigate appropriate methods of a rapid, cost-effective screening procedure for glaucoma. A cross-sectional study of workers in the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, using a structured questionnaire for data collection.

Fuch's heterochromic iridocylictics in Ibadan

ABSTRACTFuch's heterochromic iridocylictics was first described in 1906 and reviewed extensively in 1973.


ABSTRACTEye changes have been reported in patients with Alopecia Areata.

Blepharoptosis in Ibadan, Nigeria

Summary Objective To look into the cases of blepharoptosis in our environment as well as find out the causes and effects of the ptosis. Design Prospective clinic study and prospective cluster sampling method of school children.

Risk factors for road traffic accidents among drivers of public institutions in Ibadan, Nigeria

ABSTRACT Recent studies have shown an increase in the rate of road traffic accident (RTA). Identifying the risk factors for this problem may provide a clue to possible effective intervention. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors for self reported RTA among drivers of educational institutions and make suggestions to promote safer driving. A CI'OSSsectional population study of motor vehicle drivers from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and University ...

Congenital Giant Dermoid Cyst of the Orbit Associated with Microphthalmia and Cataract

A case of a giant dermoid cyst 01 the orbit associated with microphthalmia in a two-year old female child is reported. Clinical diagnosis of the condition was made when the child was two months old, although it had been observed at birth by the parents. Surgical excision of the tumour and the microphthalmic eye was undertaken when the child was two years old. Findings at the, operation included a giant cyst that was partially intraorbital with a portion of it extending into the temporal ...

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