Study of Placenta Previa using Ultrasonography

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Abstract An important causes of bleeding in the second half of pregnancy and in labor include placenta previa. These conditions are associated with significant maternal and prenatal mortality and morbidity. This is descriptive study conducted in Omdurman obstetrics and gynecology hospital. Duration of the study is 4 months. Our purpose was to study the placenta previa and its associatin risk factor sonographically to help in better outcome by reducing fetomaternal complication. Method of collecting data is Observational of direct ultrasound examination of placenta. The study found that incidence of placenta previa were 42 pregnant ladies, The mean age is 30.47 years, median is 30 years, pregnant women complain of painless vaginal pleading is less than asymptomatic one. This study demonstrates that a high proportion of patients with placenta previa were multiparous. The risk increases with number of prior cesarean deliveries and advancement of maternal age. According to placenta location, anterior location of placenta high percentage while posterior and lateral location of placenta was low incidence.

Finding of this study showed that types of placenta, the minor degree of placenta previa is higher than major degree of placenta previa. Advances in ultrasonography have made it possible to diagnose this condition with reasonable accuracy, which allows appropriate management planning.

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