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Executive Summary

The "Emaar Properties Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC)" is based on recent managerial and strategic issues facing the organization, which must be resolved prudently to permit growth, as well as keep up with a competitive spot. Thus, this analysis paper will analysis presents the case for the company. The analysis first identifies the key issues, then analyses the cases via relevant strategic models and tools such as the SWOT analysis. The analysis will assist in ascertaining feasible strategies and solutions for Emaar Properties PJSC. Alternative solutions are proposed based on the analysis since alternative solutions at times work as contingency plans.     

Emaar Properties is well-positioned within the Dubai real estate market, which is part of its local market. Besides, the company has diversified its products and services. It has ventured into Emaar Hospitality Group, Emaar Malls, Emaar Development, and the Emaar Entertainment in Dubai. As a UAE company, the government has invested a lot in the company.

The company's opportunities include consolidating its position in the domestic market and international expansion and diversification of the company's revenue. The critical marketing plan for Emaar Properties is to solidify its reputation via continued participation in Dubai's megaprojects.

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