We are all conversant with the media system, its application in almost all areas of human endeavor, though with little or no effort on finding out what is the effect of the media on our moral/cultural values. The media is one of the most important instrument of shaping, educating and generally developing the society but at the same time has a serious effects on our societal values . our value system has begin to degenerate because of what people see and believe through accessing information using multimedia device or system.

It is a known fact that 45% of teenagers now lean more about their society through accessing information via multimedia system. Now the idea is good but where the problem is is in controlling the use the system. Various poisoned information are disposed through the multimedia system and the users equally hark some of them that are been protected up. Different of kinds of criminal act are been displayed via the media system, what could have taking traveling abroad to learn is now been leaned just in front of a screen. Some of this anti-morals including robbery, forgery, promiscuity and other immoral device has defragmented our society; the more we try to spread technology over or moral values, the more defragmented they become.

Most people spend half of their life time in front of their television screen. Others spend theirs in reading information written on papers. It is a statistical fact that if a man watches television for 5 hours and sleeps for 8 hours in a day, in a week, he has used 84 hours out of the 168 hours of a week and if he is 30 years old, he has used 15 years of his life time sleeping and watching television. That is the degenerated stated of our present day society. Now, you ask this question and try to answer it on a more serious note,” how many people are aware that the media system is taking over or moral values with the speed of a lightning?” if they are, what have they done to safeguard our moral values in front of our television screens. What are the effects of computer propelled multimedia system in this technological age in our home and office. We all know that everything that has an advantage must have a disadvantage, but in this case, the advantage had long been overruled by the disadvantages and that is why we are concerned about it.

We will be discussing the effects of the use of computer in this multimedia age at home and in our offices. When say Home. We are expressly referring to our Family values and what effect dose the media has on it, and when we talk about the office, we are referring to what effects dose this have in our working environment, commercial/economic system and the industrial sector? Have this in mind that the media being discus here have both positive and negative effect just like any other concept.

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