The Growth of Marketing Education in Nigeria

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ABSTRACT This study investigated the reasons for and the problems associated with the low quality and the unemployment saga of the marketing graduates that have impeded the growth of tertiary marketing education in Nigeria. Marketing which should take the centre stage in the holistic development of the nation has continued to play a second fiddle with consequent loss of professionalism in marketing practice and in marketing education. This study also grappled with the problem of lack of student‟s motivation to learn rooting from sparse entrepreneurial, technical and vocational focus of the marketing curriculum. Entrepreneurs with practical knowledge and success story in marketing practice are not co-opted in marketing education delivery. Furthermore marketing students are not sent on „industrial attachment‟ to enable them acquire practical skills. The potentials of Integrated Communication Technology [ICT] and Information Technology have not been exploited in fast-tracking marketing education in Nigeria. There is lack of Marketing Laboratory for practical and specialized studies in marketing. The objectives of the study are among other things to develop a model that would address the aforementioned hiccups and the absurdities of the research findings and to determine appropriate strategies for curriculum reform for sustainable Marketing Education and Training in an ailing economy like Nigeria. Other objectives include to ascertain the factors that can influence “Growth of Marketing Education in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions”, to identify how best ICT can be used to fast-track marketing learning, to suggest how National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria {NIMN] can assist to foster professionalism in marketing education and training. The above specifics suggest the scope of this study. Five hypotheses and six research questions were formulated to give focus to the study. The theoretical framework of this study is rooted in self-reliance, self employment, entrepreneurial, technical, vocational, intellectual skills; built on modern marketing and the traditional Nigerian education that was effective, practical and result-oriented. The significance of this study is derived from the need for an improved and extended marketing education and training suited to Nigeria‟s volatile environment. Based on the above contentions, the researcher has prognosticated a „Systems- Innovative Marketing Education Model‟, adapted educational theories suitable to Nigeria‟s scenario. This research also incorporated „Entrepreneurial Focused Marketing Department adapted from Ede F .O.[2006]; Scholarly Views of Marketing Education Delivery in Nigeria; Organization of Marketing Education In Nigeria; Recruiters, Educators And Students Synergy In Revitalizing Marketing Education in Nigeria, Adapting for Changing Business Landscapes, ICT Leap Frogging Strategy; Professionalism in Marketing in Nigeria, Market Economy and Higher Education Reform Process In Mongolia, and the Cardinal Role of Truly African University. A cross sectional research design consisting of descriptive field survey, multiple linear regressions, „F‟ Test statistical method, exploratory and explanatory research designs were used in this study. Both primary and secondary sources of data were exploited. Based on the findings, the problems perverting marketing education and training in Nigeria were made manifest in the emerging inadequacies, particularly in educational policies, curricula, facilities, ethnicity, quality, quantity, relevance, students, vocation, technical, entrepreneurial education and acute shortage of qualified teachers for the growing national education system. To mitigate the above problems, the researcher has recommended the adaptation of the „Systems Innovative Marketing Education Model‟ demonstrated in this study, and a review of the marketing education curriculum to make it relevant to the graduate, local, national, global and the collective needs of Nigerians.

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