The Role of Cash Management in the Operation of Nigeria Commercial Banks (A Case Study of Uba Plc Ilorin Branches)

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Table of contents

Chapter one


Statement of problem

Objective of the research

Research methodology

Significance of the study

Definition of uncommon terms

Organization plan/chapterization

Chapter two

Conceptual review

Empirical review

Chapter three: Research methodology

Restatement of the research question

Research design and data collecting instrument

Characteristics of the study population and sampling

Administration of the data collecting instrument

Procedure for processing collected data

Limitation of methodology

Chapter four: data analysis and presentation


Presentation of data

Test of hypothesis

Analysis of data base on research question

Analysis of report


Chapter five







The major aim of business organization whether commercial or industrial is to make profit, an enough profit to remain in the business. Thus, it is necessary for an organization to identify the area(s) to be exploited towards the achievement of its goals and its substance in the business.

To the commercial banks, the most sensitive area that could mark its our right demise it, cash management that is why it is said in banking industry that the importance of cash management is equal to the existence of the industry itself.

Cash management through very important to every organization is more pronounced in the commercial banks because it is the basis of their transactions. Availability of cash to the customers encounter constant in availability of cash. Thus could lead to panic withdrawal, movement of accounts and reduction in cash lodgments.

Before now only commercial bank attached most importance to the area of cash management but since the mass distress of commercial banks and finance houses which could be attributed to its cash management is now being religiously pursued in commercial banks as tool for survival.

It is therefore, necessary in the cause of this research to let the customers know that there is more to cash and its management than what they see in their day to day transaction in the commercial banks.

The business should be able to match its cash outflows with cash inflows, even when it is growing the pace of growth of the business should not outstrip the ability of the business to finance the additional as sets that it need to support the growth.

There ought to be efficient management control over stocks, debtors and creditors. A distinction should be made between essential capital expenditure and postponable fixed asset replacements so that decisions can be made when necessary about shelving certain capital expenditure project.

Using United bank for Africa Plc one of the most viable bank in this country will no doubt intimate the customers with cash management procedures in the banks as well as equipping them with the need for some measures or action to be taken at time in relation to cash in the commercial banks.

The project dwell extensively on the area of cash transactions, control and management in UBA Plc as obtained in most of the commercial banks.


The study is to have in depth knowledge of cash management in commercial banks.

The selection of UBA Plc is as a result of its viability and the location of some of its branches in the commercial nerve center of Ilorin. The problems encountered in the course of the project were that of getting relevant data and time. Data are not readily available and where they are available they are not accessible because in most cases, they sought to get clarification from their Head office before making the available. The reason given is that some of these relevant data can not just be disclosed without the consent of the appropriate authority because of their competitor.

The short period couple with chaotic transportation problem in Ilorin was a big constraint to the demand of the research work.


This research work is embarked upon to achieve the following objective:

i.        To determine the importance of cash to the commercial banks.

ii.        To determine various sources of cash to the commercial banks and suggest way of managing them.

iii.       To identify and analyze various internal control measures in cash lodgment and disbursement.

iv.       To revive cash management procedure within and outside the branch and recommend ways of improving them

v.       To focus the votes of cash management in the distress commercial banks.

vi.       Outline and analyze various that could prevent commercial banks from accepting cash and honouring customers demand for cash

vii.      Review various control bank guidelines that affect the cash management in commercial banks


The research will be carried out in five branches of United Banks of Africa plc based in Ilorin, the research method is an empirical one which involves the collection of data through personal interview and administrating of research questionnaires to the branch managers, accountant cash officer and officers.

Some managers, accountant cash officers and officers in these time selected branches for the research will be made to seek their opinion on the level of cash management and the participation of staff as well as the effects on improper cash management on commercial banks. The process is hopes to least for five working days. The questionnaire is divided into four sections. Section one entails the personal data, section two and three are concerned with the educational background and working experience respectively.While section one, two and three are designed for the purpose of determining the biographic characteristics of the respondent section four is to know the essence of cash management and this is adhered to in the commercial bank.

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