The Untold Stories of the Bullies: The Other Side of the Coin

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NAME            :           JOHN B. VISILLAS


                                    OF THE COIN


            Bullying has been an issue worldwide and was considered as serious problem in schools.  Number of literatures and studies had been conducted (Steven 2006; Hoover 2005; Gibson 2011 and Rafferty, 2011) but most of them focus on the victims.   However, De Voe (2007) and Williams (2008) discovered the presence of bully/victim construct in bullying problem,  recommended an investigation about this group.

            Because of the recommendation, this phenomenological inquiry was conceptualized to discover the unheard stories of the bullies. As the participants revealed their experiences, seven major construct emerged within    the three main categories in the experiences of the bullies, the reasons of the bullies in bullying their victims and their insights on anti-bullying program of the school: the home experiences of the bullies, the school experiences of the bullies, the reasons of bullying, the type of bullying is dependent on the target, the view of the participants on school bullying and anti-bullying program, the feeling of bullies as perpetrators and as a witness of bullying and the effect of bullying behaviour to the bullies themselves.

By fully understanding on the themes discussed, the school administrators who are tasked to design anti-bullying program in school will have better understanding on bullying behaviour, which will result to an improved approach in designing anti-bullying program in school.



TITLE PAGE                                                                                                            i

APPROVAL PAGE                                                                                                  ii

ACKNOWLEDGMENT                                                                                           iii

ABSTRACT                                                                                                              vi        

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                          vii

DEDICATION                                                                                                           xi                                                                    

Chapter                                                                                                                      Page

I        INTRODUCTION                                                                        

                        Purpose of the Study                                                                      2

                        Research Questions                                                                       2

                        Theoritical Lens                                                                               3

                        Significance of the Study                                                                4

                        Definition of Terms                                                                           5         

Delimitation and Limitation                                                                 7

                        Organization of the Study                                                               8

2       REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE                                   

                        Meaning of Bullying                                                                        9

                        Prevalence of Bullying                                                                    10

                        Venue for Bullying                                                                           14

                        Effects of Bullying                                                                            18

                        Schools Must Solve Bullying                                                            20

                        Factors That Contribute to the Bullying Behavior                            22

                        Why Bullies Bully?                                                                          30

3       RESEARCH METHOD                                                               

                        Research Design                                                                             33

                        Role of the Researcher                                                                   37

                        Research Participants                                                                     38

                        Sampling Technique                                                                       39

                        Data Collection                                                                                39

                        Data Analysis                                                                                   42

                        Trustworthiness and Credibility                                                       43

                        Ethical Consideration                                                                      49

4       RESULTS                                                                                     

                        Experiences of the Bullies                                                          52

                        Theme One: The Home Experiences of the Bullies                  53

                        Theme Two:  School Experiences of the Bullies                        58

                        Reasons of Participants in Bullying Other Students                  69

                        Theme One: Reasons of the Bullies                                            69

                        Theme Two: Types of Bullying is Dependent with the Target      72

                        Theme Three: Venue for Bullying                                                 75

                        Insights of the Participants on the Issue of Bullying                     78

                        Theme One: Bullies View on Bullying                                          78

                        Theme Two: Feelings of the Bullies                                             83

                        Theme Three: Effects of Bullying                                                 90




5         DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION                                        

                        The Home Experiences of the Bullies                                         98

                        School Experiences of the Bullies                                                99

                        Feeling of the Participants After Being Bullied                           100

                        Defense Mechanism of the Participants                                      101

                        Effects of Bullying                                                                          103

                        The Reasons of the Bullies                                                            104

                        Types of Bullying is Dependent on the Target                                105

                        The Venue for Bullying                                                                   106

                        Bullies’ View on Bullying                                                                106

                        Feelings of the Bullies as Perpetrators and as a Witness            107

                        Effects of Bullying to the Bullies                                                   108

                        Bullies’ View on Anti-Bullying Program                                        110

                        Implications to Educational Practice                                            110

                        Implication to Future Research                                                     113

                        Concluding Remarks                                                                      114

            REFERENCES                                                                                            115

            APPENDICES                                                                                              125

A.   Informed Consent                                                                      126

B.   Interview Guide                                                                          127

C.   Letter of Request for Research Instrument Validation            128

D.   Validation Sheet                                                                        129

E.   Validator’s Rating                                                                      130

F.    Validator’s Rating Summary                                                     131

G.   Participant’s  Verification                                                          132

H.   Archival Log                                                                              133

I.     Permission to Conduct the Study                                           134

Q. Editor’s Certificate                                                                      135

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