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This is an overview of some selected rural development research topics (thesis, projects, dissertations) that could be useful for any graduate student or researcher.

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Below are a list of a few research topics on rural development, with a lot of focus on African countries and communities

(1) The Effect of Community Banks in Rural Development (A Case Study of Uni Community Bank): This project work is a study of the impart of Community Banks in Rural Development: case study Uli Community Bank Ltd, Uli. In carrying out the research, questionnaires were used,  which the researcher made available to the manager, staff and customers of Uli Community Bank. Information for this research was collected from primary, secondary and oral interviews. The data were analyzed using tables and evaluation of data using percentages.

(2) Assessment of the Effects of Selected Rural Development Interventions on Rural Women in Imo State, Nigeria: The study assessed the effects of selected rural development interventions on rural women in Imo State of Nigeria. The study determined the level of awareness and participation of rural women in the development projects, assessed the extent of intervention by development agencies, analyzed the effects of the selected intervention programmes on rural women’s socio economic conditions and also examined the constraints militating against rural women from benefiting in the interventions.

(3) Development Of The Rural Areas In Zimbabwe: The need for development has been the main contemporary discourse dominating the history of Zimbabwe. A radical introspection into the process of growth points and rural development is urgently required to allow Zimbabwe to define its future in terms of urbanisation and development.

(4) The Impact of Rural Bank Credit Facilities on Rural Development in Ghana: A Case Study of Amuga Rural Bank Limited: The importance of the rural banking in the economic development of a country cannot be overlooked. Hence, banks and other financial institutions are considered to be a vital role for the development of the rural economy in Ghana.

(5) An Evaluation of The Strategies of Rural Development Programme in Plateau State- 1990-2000: In recent times much has been said as regards the neglect of the rural area in Nigeria in terms of the development and transformation facilities and services such as electricity. Pipe born water, good roads, hospital etc. as well as the provision of banking facilities, to help improve the standard of life and opportunities open to the rural dwellers.

(6) Evaluation Of The Impact Of Rural Development Policy Of Ekiti State (2010 – 2014): The role of rural infrastructural developmental policy in improving the weUare of rural inhabitant cannot be overemphasized. Rural areas provide the general populace with food and also agricultural activities are carried out there, which is one of the main sources of expon for the economy.

(7) The Contribution Of The Department For International Development (Dfid) To Rural Development In Ghana: Development aid continues to play an important role in the economies of developing countries. It is an important capital injection for most African states, including Ghana. This study assesses the contribution of the Department for International Development (DFID) to rural development in Ghana.

(8) A Critical Review of the Role of Community Banking in Rural Development: This research work scrutinized the roles of community banks in rural development as it is very essential to compete with other parts of the world particularly those from industrial countries who are already in the rural development and have easy access to various type of community bank in rural development.

(9) The Contributions of Agriculture to Rural Development (A Case Study in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State): For the purpose of this research work, an opinion survey was made using oral interview and author  – constructed questionnaire to examine the contributions of agriculture to rural development using Udi Local Government Area of Enugu as a case study. The researchers relied on data collected from seventy-five (75) respondents who were agricultural concerned persons.

(10) Local Government and Rural Development in Anambra State, 2006-2014: The study was carried out to investigate local government and rural development in Anambra State: 2006-2014. The study was necessitated due by worrisome trend in poor rural development as a result of lack of adequate commitment from the local government in effective development of grassroots.

(11) The Impact of Rural Banking on Economic Development: A Case Study of the Unity Rural Bank Ltd of Ghana: This paper is an investigation into the impact of rural banking on economic development. The study involves a survey of management and employees of Unity Rural Bank Limited and the inhabitants of “Ziope”; a rural area in the Volta Region of Ghana. Interviews and questionnaires were the main research techniques adopted for the data collected for this study.

(12) Impact of Community Banks on Rural Development (A Case Study of Umueze Community Bank, Enugu): The establishment of community banks by the Federal Government with particular reference to Umueze Community Bank Enugu was necessitated by the desire of Government to improve the standard  of living of the urural dwellers and to encourage rapid development of the communities. It is in realization of this objectives that this study is being carried out to ascertain the impact of these community banks on rural development.

(13) Impact of Environmental Planning on Rural Development: The study examine impact of environmental planning on rural development, This study was undertaken majorly to evaluate the impact of environmental planning on rural development and to determine if environmental planning help in the development of rural communities.

(14) Women and Community Development In Rural Africa: Deconstructing Dominant Narratives: Although women’s critical roles in rural community development in Africa is undisputed, its recent discursive appeal in development policy raises questions regarding the ways in which the women living in rural contexts have been mis/understood, mis/appropriated and marginalized.

(15) The Impact of Commercial Banks in Rural Development (A Case Study of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc): Development  as it effects the rural people differs in many respects from those of the urban poor and poverty alleviation programm targeted at the rural poor must take into account those difference if the failure is to be substantially reduced. Poverty and some economic deprivations characterize rural life. The people are peasant farmers who produce a high percentage of the nations crops and yet there is an significant  development of these rural areas.

(16) Local Government Administration and Rural Development in Nigeria (A case study of Ogbadibo LGA in Benue state): This research examines local government administration and rural or community development in Nigeria with emphasis on the institutions, agencies, policies and strategies employed to bring about the much needed rural development in the country.

(17) Local Government System in Nigeria as an Instrument for Rural Development: The topic local government system as an instrument for rural development is to assess the preference of Nigeria local government systems in the area of rural development. To explain why local governments have been ineffective. To recommend a fundamental solution towards making local government rural development oriented.

(18) Rural Farming and Development in Bukwa District Eastern Uganda: The study investigated, “rural farming and development in Bukwa district, Eastern Uganda. The main reason of study was to establish the effect of rural farming on development and how It can be transformed to Improve the wellbeing of the population. The study mainly targeted the farmers.

(19) The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in Rural Development: The Case of Christian Rural Network: This study examines some of the roles non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play in promoting rural development in Ghana using Christian Rural Aid Network (CRAN); an NGO in Cape Coast as a case for study. The study identified some of the programmes and activities of CRAN in two of the communities it operates in, namely Duakor and Abakam, all suburbs of Cape Coast.


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