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As a field that covers the use of imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease, radiology research will usually include/cover diagnostic or interventional aspects.

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Recommended Radiology Thesis Research Topics/Ideas

Here are some radiology research/thesis topics and ideas;

(1) Estimation of Ocular Axial Length Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique Among Adults in Jos Metropolis, North-Central Nigeria

The purposes of this study are to generate an indigenous normogram for ocular axial lengths in a Nigerian population, determine whether there are differences in axial lengths between the right and left eye and among different adult age groups. The study will also determine whether there are differences in axial lengths between males and females and possible racial differences between Nigerians and Caucasians.

45 pages | dissertation | See Full Work


(2) Epidemiological Pattern of Presentation of Paragonimus Infection in the Human Host in South East Nigeria and Their Correlative Sonographic Findings in Some Organs

In a cross-sectional survey, 304 subjects whose sputum and faeces tested positive for paragonimus out of a total of 1125 from Amagunze, Lokpanta and Oduma which are areas known for the parasite endemicity in Southeast Nigeria were enlisted into the study. The liver, spleen, and kidney of these subjects were sonographically examined in order to characterize the sonographic features specific for paragonimus in these organs

143 pages | thesis | See full work


(3) Evaluation of Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Clinical Findings for Brain Stroke Patients in Khartoum State

The aim of this study is to evaluate of the diffusion magnetic resonance imaging with clinical findings for brain stroke patients in Khartoum state, to evaluate the doctor’s experience about the diffusion weighted imaging for brain stroke, measure the accuracy of diffusion weighted imaging in detection brain stroke, compare the DWI findings and the conventional MRI protocols findings for brain stroke, determine the most clinical findings for brain stroke and to determine the MRI departments in Khartoum state that using diffusion-weighted imaging.

75 pages | project | See full work


(4) Study of Coronary Artery Disease in Diabetes Mellitus patients using Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization (heart cath) is Radiological Procedure by insertion of a catheter into a chamber or vessel of the heart followed by injection of contrast media . This is done both for diagnostic and interventional purposes. Subsets of this technique are mainly coronary catheterization, involving the catheterization of the coronary arteries, and catheterization of cardiac chambers and valves of the cardiac system

71 pages | thesis | See full work


(5) Assessment Of The Ischemic Acute Stroke Using Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI) is highly sensitive in detecting early cerebral ischemic changes in acute stroke patients. This study aimed to show the role of diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI) in the diagnosis of acute stroke. In this study, we compared the role of DWI with that of conventional MRI techniques. Furthermore, we compared the size of ischemic lesions on DWI scans with the fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) images. We performed T1-weighted imaging (T1WI), T2-weighted imaging (T2WI), FLAIR, and DWI MRI in 30 patients who presented with acute stroke.


67 pages | dissertation | See full work

(6) Knowledge, Expectations and Beliefs of Pregnant women on Antenatal Ultrasound

This study investigated pregnant women’s awareness of antenatal ultrasound, their knowledge of its benefits, their beliefs on the scan, their expectations from the scan as well as their feelings after the scan so as to uncover the reasons behind underutilisation of antenatal ultrasound at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and Harare hospiatal.

125 pages | Dissertation | See full work


(7) A Quantitative Study about Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Radiographers Towards Tuberculosis Patients Among Radiographers and MSc. RIT Students of SGT Hospital

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the huge causes of death worldwide in which HIV plays an important role and it is a big challenge to control. Further, TB can be treated well if a person would know about it early. Early diagnosis of TB is very important so that latent TB does not convert into active TB. There are many vaccinations and many treatments available to treat TB but unfortunately people are still suffering from TB.

24 pages | Project | See full work


(8) Performance Evaluation of the Food and Environmental Monitoring Radio Analytical Laboratory in Ghana

Since the establishment of the Radiation Protection Institute’s Food and Environmental Laboratory in 1988, there has never been any thorough evaluation of the activities of the facility to provide assurance of the quality of analytical results produce by the laboratory. The objective of this study, therefore, was to assess the performance level of the Food and Environmental monitoring laboratory with respect to the requirements for a standard analytical laboratory (IAEA, 1989) and ISO 17025. The study focused on the performance of the Gamma Spectrometry laboratory of the Radiation Protection Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission which has been involved in monitoring of radionuclides in food and environmental samples.

127 pages | Thesis | See full work


(9) Classification of X-ray for Upper Limbs Trauma

The main objective of this study was to classify trauma which occur in upper limbs by using x-ray objectively. The data of this study collected from 53 patients examined by upper limbs X-ray in East Nile Hospital (Modern Hospital in Khartoum – Sudan) in the period from September 2014 to May 2015 using Digital Philips machine. The data were collected use measuring fracture healing and three variables patient height, weight, and body mass index.

84 pages | thesis | See full work


(10) Evaluation of Liver Tumors using Computed Tomography

The general objective of the study is to evaluate the role of CT in diagnosis of liver lesions. And furthermore to determine which lesion in the liver with high incidence, and to find out the geographic distribution of the liver lesions in Sudan. Sixty patients found to have focal tumoral liver lesions were recruited for 4 months period and their triphasic CT scans findings were evaluated and later correlated with final Diagnosis.

90 pages | Thesis | See full work


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