In less than two decades social media has become woven into the fabrics of everyday life for billions of people. This also means people today have to contend with the effects of social media – positive and negative.

A lot of research has definitely gone into exploring the positive and negative impact of social media on the society in general. Research on social media has been multifaceted. For example one can look into the effect of social media on youth, children and adults. Various research on social media has also looked on the impact in the socio-cultural lives of people as it affects various social aspects of human life such as religion, social life, education etc.


You can find thousands of research (thesis, dissertation, papers/articles on effects of social media on Afribary.


On Afribary, quite a lot of documents and research this has been collected/shared from various authors/sources.

We highlight some of the interesting research papers, dissertations and thesis on the effects of social media.

Perhaps you may find some helpful with your own research on the topic.

  1. The Effect of Social Media on the Academic Performance of University Students: This degree research project explores the various effects social media has on the academic performance of University students using the Kampala International University, Uganda as case study. The research explores the degree of social media addiction among students, the age differences of student users of social media and how social media impacts on their academic work. Access full copy of the research
  2. Effects of Social Media on the Church: Social media and its impact/effects on religion is another interesting angle of research. In this research report the writer explores the effects of social media on Christianity, as one of the largest pillars of religion. Case study is Uganda and we are sure some of the findings can be relevant to different countries especially on the African continent. Explore the research work.
  3. Effects of Social Media on Teenagers and Young Adults. Educators and behavioural researchers will be undoubtedly interested in exploring the effects of social media on the behaviour of teenagers and young adults. This demography is believed to be heavy users of social media thus finding the effects on them is of importance. The research used a research survey approached and looked at a sample size from this demography in Uganda. Check out the rest of the research
  4.  Effects of Social Media on Consumer Purchase Decisions in the Beverage Industry: Social media has not just impacted on social cultural aspects of human life. It has been of significant impact on commerce, trade and consumer buying. In fact social media appears to have become a very influential aspect of consumer buying behaviour. This research looks at the impact of social media on purchase decisions of a sample demography in the beverage industry in Zimbabwe. Check the rest of the Dissertation
  5. Effect of Social Media Marketing on Online Consumers: Social media plays a significant role on decisions of the modern consumer (as we have already pointed out above). This research looks at this effect of marketing activities carried out via social media on online consumers with Ilorin, Nigeria as a case study. Explore more on the social media marketing effect on online consumers.
  6. The Effect of Social Media on Voting Behaviour: In recent years the use or deployment of social media in national and regional elections has thrown up some controversy. The most notable being the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal in the United States of America. Social media has been used as a tool/medium to influence, persuade voters in many countries. Campaign groups deploy both advertising and organic content to try influence voters towards a preferred sentiment/candidate. This research work uses a local government area in Kaduna state, Nigeria. You can check out the 72 page research work here.
  7. Effects of Social Media on Media Professionalism: Media professionals have not been exempt from the impact of social media. This research explores how social media affects media professionalism using a particular media organisation – The Monitor – as a case study. Check the full dissertation here.

These are a few of the hundreds of research on social media you can find on Africa’s largest online library. Explore all papers, articles, dissertations, thesis and other on this topic here.

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