Study Materials in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Padeola New Dawn Islamic Nur/Primary School Ilorin

2ND TERM EXAMINATION CLASS: SUBJECT: HOME ECONOMICSSECTION A Choose the correct answer from option A – D1.       Each hair grow from a narrow tube in the skin called hair ______ (a) follicle (b) pit (c) root (d) organ 2.       The sense organ for smelling is _____ (a) hair  (b) hand (c) eyes (d) nose 3.       One of the following is wrong (a) eye for sight (b) skin for feeling (c) nose for...


The teachers and teaching of Islamic studies most especially in the secular schools has been relegated to the background to the extent that even science and vocational students are denied taking the subjects in some schools. While the Subject  is a reservoir of knowledge that encompasses all the aspect and field of knowledge putting into consideration that is dealing with Qur'an  and sunnah of the prophet (saw). This lesson will help you to understand how important the subject is economical...

Dressing code

Dressing in Nigerian schools is gradually becoming retrogressive and animalistic. Although it was build out of European culture which makes us to forget our cultural and traditional mode of dressing. This write up is geared towards enlighten the public on dressing code: An Islamic perspective for moral, social and religious development among others.