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Comparative Analysis Of Private And Public Road Transport Operations, (a Case Study Of Imo State)

ABSTRACT This project studies the comparative analysis of private and public road transport operations. A conscious effort is made to measure the impact of both means of transport, their efficiency an...

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The Differences Between Structured Language And Unstructured Language: Programing Language

A program in a non-structured language usually consistsof sequentially ordered commands, or statements, usually one in each line. thelines are usually numbered or may have labels: this allows...

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Comparative Analysis Of Hydraform And Sandcrete Blocks

Walling materials play a vital role in the construction of buildings. the study run acomparative analysis between hydraform blocks and sandcrete blocks which areboth major compone...

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Variattion Orders In Building And Construction Projects In The Koforidua Municipality

variation order is a common phenomenon inconstruction projects. it involves an amendment of the original scope of a projectas in the contract. variation orders are caused from vari...

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The Differences Between Expressions Of Interest (eoi), Invitation For Bids(ifb) And Tenders

this paper discusses themeaning of the terms expression of interest, invitation for bids and requestfor tenders. these terms are often used and hence a clear understanding of whatthey mean is ca...

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Rehabilitation Of Road Linking Umuekulummiri Street To Imt Awarness Ground Junction Imt Campus Iii Enugu

this project entitled “rehabilitation of road” is aimed at investigating the causes of failure on the road linking federal secretariat, imt civil soil lab to industrial centre imt campus i...

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Design And Construction Of A 40ft Adjustable Ladder

ABSTRACT The work was an attempt to evolve a quicker and easier means of reaching high places and point safely in tall buildings and other high structures. This has no doubt saved consideration c...

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The Impact Of Maintenance Of Buildings And Infrastructural Facilities To The National Economy (a Case Study Of Shell Camp Housing Estate, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria)

The aim of this research work is to discover how maintenance of buildings and infrastructures can be effected, effectively to help increase the workers output thus increasing labour efficiency and inc...

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Relationship Between Material Management Approach And Scheduled Project Completion Time

Construction projects are known to experience time delays due to various reasons. The aim of this study is to find out if the material management approach used on building projects has a relat...

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