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The Roles Of Middlemen In The Marketing Of Paddy Rice In Kwande Lga Of Benue State Nigeria

The study assessed the role of middlemen in the marketing of paddy rice in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue state. Simple random technique was used to select respondents. 140 copies of questionna...

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A Comparative Profitability Analysis Of Broiler Production Systems In Urban Areas Of Edo State, Nigeria

broiler production is carried out under different productionsystems and different production systems imply variations in cost of inputs andreturns. this study looked at the cost...

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A Comparative Analysis Of Agricultural And Industrial Development In Nigeria.

this research work was carried out about the comparative analysis of agricultural and industrial development in nigeria economy.  it wants to evaluate the contributions of the sectors to...

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Entrepreneurship And Economic Development In Nigeria

This paper underscores the importance of entrepreneurship as a realistic mechanism for sustainable economic growth in Nigeria considering the experiences of developed nations like the United States an...

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Income Polarization Among Undergraduates Of University Of Ibadan

It is argued that polarized income distributionamong the students has the potential of. Thestudy made use of primary data obtained through structured questionnaire. Atwo-s...

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Economic Analysis Of Group Marketing Of Pineapple In Selected Markets Of Osun State, Nigeria.

Marketing of pineapple is as essential as its production since an effective marketing system helps to harmonize demand and supply and stimulate production. The study therefore analyzed returns to grou...

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Demand Analysis For Tomato, Onion, Peppers, And Fresh Okra In Nigeria

The results found in this study have implications for local Nigerian food producers, retailers, other participants of the food sector, and government food policy makers.In this thesis the demand analy...

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Agricultural Productivity Growth In West African Agriculture: A Frontier Function Analysis

Productivity growth in an economy is important because it is an essential source of overall growth....

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