A History of Modern Ethiopia (1855-1991): A Review

A History of Modern Ethiopia (1855-1991): A Review


The author is a fantastic analyst though as others have noted about him; just to begin the review, the stronger sides of the writer was, he has done extensive research on the subject, consulting both the secondary literature and the contemporary publications and original sources of primary. So, the author tried to discuss and analysed his argument to make clear the misconceptions and vague judgments about the oldest history of Ethiopia in his studies. Moreover, with concert evidences, he has striven to show the realities of Italy as colonizer has done to the peoples of Ethiopia and the Horn, the exploitive systems of Feudalism in Ethiopia, and communal bonding social values and lives, the 1974 Ethiopian first revolution and the Era of Military regime that overthrown in 1991 by the TPLF Junta forces. However, as a critique I also saw imminent shortcoming from his studies and ways of narration and outlooks; may be, he put some of his arguments based on his personal standing or political backgrounds. So I tried to exhibit and discussed in detail here below as a Historian free from any baize or prejudice rather depend on facts and evidences. 

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