A report on the Student's Industrial Work Scheme Experience

The industrial training program or students industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is an appreciable skills program designed to equip students to the real life working experience. It is a skill development program that provides a link opportunity for students to participate in the real world of work, benefit from practical exposure at work as well as acquiring academic competencies in the college. SIWES is aimed at exposing students to the realities of world of work by matching the theoretical classroom knowledge with current practices in the work environment. Ahmed (1990) stated that SIWES is perceived as a skill development program by educators to complement, supplement, enrich and strengthen the instructional process of our educational institutions. As such, students gain knowledge and skills for the attainment of career objectives. This is because the scheme is contributed to the practical exposure of students career objectives. This scheme is a program involving universities, polytechnics and technical colleges and students of various institutions in the country. The students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is funded jointly by Industrial Training Fund (ITF). The training lasts for six months. The theory and practical aspect is being joined together in the program in order to find out how things are being done. In theory, we are to read novels, books but in practical, we have to know how to do things by ourselves practically. That is why Human Ecology, Nutrition and Dietetics department is seen as a step forward of progress by sending their students to embark on it.
Before the establishment of the scheme, there was growing concern amongst the industrialist in Nigeria that graduates of tertiary institutions lack adequate practical knowledge needed for employment in industries. Thus, the employers of labor were of the opinion that the theoretical knowledge as it was then impacted on the students was not responsive to the needs of the employers of labor. This led the government to the establishment of the scheme. The industrial training fund (ITF) is a parastatal of the federal government of Nigeria established by decree 47 of 1971. The decree highlighted the capacity building of human resources in industry, commerce, and government through training and retraining of workers. This was in order to effectively provide the much needed high quality goods and services in a dynamic economy of ours. Hence, while being established, ITF was charged with the responsibility of boosting indigenous capacity for the nation’s industrial needs. ITF has one of the key functions to work as a corporative entity with industries and companies where students of tertiary institutions may undertake a mid-career work experience in the industries which are compatible with the student’s area of study. It was against this decree that the student’s Industrial Work Experience (SIWES) was formed. It can therefore be said that SIWES was formed by ITF in 1973 following their efforts needed to actualize the aims of decree 47 of 1971.

Dedication 3
Historical backgroumd of UUTH7-8
Kitchen Experience9-17
Preparation of Therapeutic Diet17-20
Patient counseling/ ward visit20-24
Case study presentation25- 47
Summary, conclusion and references48

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