Anti-Plasmodial Property of Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract on Swiss Mice

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Title page                                                                                                                    i                                                                                  

Certification                                                                                                               ii           

Dedication                                                                                                                  iii           

Acknowledgements                                                                                                    iv           

Table of Contents                                                                                                       v           

Abstract                                                                                                                      vi


1.0 Introduction                                                                                                          1

1.1 Background Study                                                                                                1

1.2 Statement of the problem                                                                                     2

1.3 Justification                                                                                                          3

1.4 Aim and Objectives of Study                                                                               4


2.0 Literature review                                                                                                  6

2.1 Definition and history of Malaria                                                                        6

2.1.2 Etiologic and vectors of malaria                                                                       7

2.1.3 Epidermiology of malaria                                                                                  8

2.1.4 Life cycle of malaria parasite                                                                            10-13

2.1.5Molecular cell biology and pathogenesis                                                           13

2.1.6Diagnosis of malaria                                                                                          14

2.1.7 Management of malaria                                                                                     18 therapeutic agents                                                                     18 Drug in pipeline                                                                                             19

2.2 Traditional medicine                                                                                            21

2.2.1 Control measures                                                                                               22

2.3 Malaria vaccine                                                                                                    24

2.4 The experimental plant                                                                                         25           

2.4.1Moringa Oleifera                                                                                                26           

2.4.2 Social Economic importance of morning oleifera                                            29

2.4.3 Ecology and Cultivation                                                                                    29           

CHAPTER THREE                                                               

3.0 Collection of plant                                                                                                            42       

3 .1 Control drugs                                                                                                       42           

3.2 Experimental animal                                                                                            43           

3.3 Materials and reagent                                                                                           43           

3.4 Extraction from the plant seed                                                                             43           

3.5 Gas chromatography mass spectrometry                                                             44           

3.6. Experimental Design                                                                                           50           

3.7 Collection and inoculation of the parasite                                                           50

3.8 Statistical Analysis                                                                                               52

3.9 Presentation and statistical analysis of Data                                                        52


4.0 Result                                                                                                                    53           

4.1 Parasite density at different concentration of the extract of Maringa oliefera seed 55

4.2 Percentage difference in parasitaemia inhibition at different concentration among   

      seed                                                                                                                          58


5.0 Discussion                                                                                                            60

5.1 Conclusion                                                                                                            61        

5.2 Recommendation                                                                                                 62


Malaria is an increasing worldwide threat, with more than three hundred million infections and one million deaths every year. Due to the emergence of antimalarial drug resistance, the continuous search for antimalarial agents. This study was conducted to determine the antimalarial efficacy of Moringa oleifera Seed extract in Swiss albino mice infected with Plasmodium berghei .After extraction, phytochemical screening and gas chromatographic mass spectrometry (GC-MS) screening of the extract, the mice were grouped into six groups, five per group. Designated  as 40% treated with 40mg/kg of the Maringa oliefera seed extract, 60% treated with 60mg/kg, 80% treated with 80mg/kg,100% treated with 100mg/kg and positive control treated with distilled water while negative control was given choloroquone.  For the period of 3 days at 12 hours interval.  Parasite density was determine by preparing of thick and thin blood film, stain with Giemsa stain and view under microscope to determine the antiplamodial activity of the extract

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