Ascertain cost minimization strategies in the manufacturing companies

The desire of every national producer is to minimize the resource invested to achieve a desired objective thus at any point in time he should be devising ways of minimizing the  cost of achieving the desired benefit. 
This situation is equally relevant to organization of any kind whether profit oriented on nonprofit oriented and therefore make it imperative for every organization especially the profit oriented ones not to stop at controlling the use of resources to conform with established standards but should also  make spirited attempts to continuously minimize cost without impairing the quality of  their  products. The need for manufacturing companies to be conscious of the above need has been magnified by the fact that Nigeria economy is experiencing an era of astonishing rate of inflation despicable how exchange rate requiring reports of grossly low capity utilization and the inter play of some other very powerful extraneous variable which makes the business environment very inclement. These are the cries of mangers. Sectioning through the streets of industry and commerce saying Nigeria is passing through a difficult period, everything possible must be done to every one  in position to do so , to assist the economy in making a quick recovery. One way of heading these glariot calls    by mergers off companies is the adoption of cost minimization strategy aimed at improving efficiency. 

Topics Pages
Chapter 1:Introduction
1.1Background of the Problem
1.2Statement of the Problem
1.3Objectives of the Research
1.4Research Questions
1.5Statement of Hypothesis
1.6Scope  of the study and Its Delimitation
1.7Organization of the Report

Chapter 2:Literature Review
2.1Evolution of the Nigeria Capital Market.
2.2Major Participation’s in the Nigerian Capital Market
2.2.1The Central Bank of Nigeria
2.2.2Development Finance Institutions
2.2.3Issuing Houses
2.2.4Stockbroking firms
2.2.5Securities and Exchange Commission
2.2.6Stock Exchange
2.2.7Share Registrars
2.2.8Commercial Banks
2.2.9Insurance companies and Pensims / Provident funds
2.3.1Forms of Dividend
2.3.2Factors influencing Dividend Policy
2.3.3Stability of Dividend
2.3.4Relationship between Dividend and Share prices
2.3.5Information content of Dividends
2.3.6Random Walk Theory of Share Price Movements
2.3.7Random Walk and an Efficient Stock Market
2.3.8Varying Degrees Efficiency
2.3.9Week form Tests or Weak form of Efficiency
2.3.10Semi-strong form Tests and semi-strong Efficiency
2.3.11Strong form Tests and Strong Form Efficiency
2.3.12Implications of Efficient Market Hypothesis
2.3.13Empirical Studies of Capital Market Efficiency in Nigeria
2.3.14Dividend Announcement and Capital Market Efficiency.

Chapter 3:Research Methodology
3.1research Design
3.2Sources of Primary & Secondary Data
3.3Population & Sample
3.4Data Collection Techniques
3.5Data Analysis Technique
3.6Hypothesis Test Statistic
3.7Limitation of Research Methodology

Chapter 4:Analysis and Presentation of Data.
4.1Presentation of Primary Data
4.2Analysis and Presentation of Data According to Research Questions
4.3Analysis and Presentation of Data According to hypothesis.

Chapter 5
5.1Summary of Findings
5.4Suggested Research Work

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