The cost of treatment of sickle cell anaemia

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Health care is a necessity and a basic human need. Households or individuals often derived various strategies to cope with large health expenditure. Sickle-cell Anaemia is the most frequent haemoglobin disorder and one of the world’s greatest cause of morbidity and mortality mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. This research work title the cost of treatment of sickle cell anaemia (A case study of General Hospital Katsina) was carried out in General Hospital Katsina, Katsina state Nigeria between April to May in the year 2016. The research was carried to determine the cost of treatment of Sickle-cell Anaemia complications. Designed questionnaire were distributed at random among patients enquiring for age, sex, cost of drugs prescribed, cost of laboratory examination, cost of transport and other expenses spend in the cause of treatment. Different patients were interviewed and their case were recorded confidentially for this research work, the result for the research shows that the average cost of treatment per person was  #2128.57. Greater percentage goes for the drugs prescribed with 44.87% and then laboratory examination cost had 27.3% other expenses spent in the cause of treatment had 15.40%, and lastly the transport with 13.97%.  This price cost is extremely difficult for the poor people to afford, with regards to this research the government should do enough to make the medication drugs for Sickle-cell Anaemia treatment available and free for every government health care facilities for effective treatment.

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Introduction 1
1.1 Classification of Sickle-cell Anaemia 2
1.2 Statement of Problem 3
1.3 Justification of the Study 4
1.4 Aims and Objectives 5

2.0 Literature Review 6
2.1 History of Sickle-cell Anaemia 6
2.2 Geographic Distribution of Sickle-cell 8
2.3 Pathophysiology 10
2.4 Genetics 11
2.5 Inheritance 11
2.6 The Sickle-cell Gene and Malaria 13
2.7 Symptoms 13
2.8 Diagnosis 17
2.9 Treatment 18
2.9.8 Prevention and Control 20
2.10 Prognosis 21

3.0 Methodology 22
3.1 Study Area 22
3.2 Historical Background of General Hospital Katsina 23
3.3 Data Collection 25
3.4 Data Analysis 25

4.0 Results 26

5.0 Discussion 41
5.1 Conclusion 44
5.2 Recommendation 45
References 47
Appendix I 58
Appendix II 60

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