Computer Applications in Agricultural Research

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Agriculture  Research  have  benefited  from  incorporation  of technological  advances  primarily  developed  for  other  industries.  The  industrial age brought mechanization and synthesized fertilizers to agriculture. The technology age offered genetic engineering and automation. The information age brings the potential for  integrating  the  technological  and  industrial  advances  into  sustainable  agriculture production system. The application of the computer in agriculture research originally exploited for the  conversion  of  statistical formula or complex model in digital farm for easy and 

accurate calculation which are found relatively tedious  in manual calculation. In  the next  generation,  the  same  computers  have  been  used to mechanization, automation and to develop  decision  support  system  for  taking strategic decision  on  the agricultural  production  and protection research. Recently remote sensing and 

geographic information system  has place a major and crucial  role  in  agriculture research  especially  in  the  field  of  yield  prediction,  suitability of soil for particular crop, and site specific resource allocation of agriculture inputs, etc. 

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