The study analyzed yam marketing in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to  examine the socio-economic characteristics of the respondent in the study area, determine the sources of yam supply to the zone and the marketing channel for yam marketing, determine the cost, return and profits of the farmers, examine the determinants of sales volume of the marketers, examine the problems in the system. Random sampling techniques were used to select 80 respondent for the study. Structured questionnaire were used to elicit data from the respondents. Descriptive statistics, gross margin techniques and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze data collected. The findings showed that; the respondents were predominantly males (87.5%), majority of the respondents falls within 41-60 years of age (57.5%) while majority were married (74%). The respondents that had primary education were 25% while 10% had no formal education. The occupation was dominated by full time yam marketing, majority belong to co-operative societies (91%) and have no access to credit (98.34%).The average total cost was N 17271.25kobo while the average total return was N

267375.00kobo and average total profit was N94403.75kobo per month. From the semi-log regression model, the findings showed that marketing experience, level of education, marketing cost, and number of marketing seminars affected the marketer`s sales volume. Marketing experience, level of education, and number of marketing seminars were positively significant which implies that an increase in those variables led to an increase in the marketers’ sales

volume while marketing cost was negatively significant with marketers’ sales volume at 5% which implies that an increase in marketing cost leads to a decrease in the marketers’ sales volume. The major problems were; transportation cost, lack of loans, seasonality of yam and bulkiness of yam. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the farmers should be trained on how to access loans from banks as a co-operative. Good and affordable marketing

facilities should be made available and investors encouraged by the government and also storage facilities should be provided to solve the problem of seasonality of yam supplied.


Title page                                                                                          i

Abstract                                                                                            ix


1.1 Background Information                                                               1

1.2 Problem Statement                                                                      4

1.3 Objectives of the Study                                                                6

1.4 Research Hypotheses                                                                   6

1.5 Justification of the Study                                                              6


2.0 Literature Review                                                                         9

2.1 Theoritical Literature Review                                                         9

2.2 Definition of Terms                                                                      10

2.2.1Production                                                                                 10

2.2.2 Production Concept                                                                   10

2.2.3 Characteristics of Production Concept                                        10

2.2.4 Marketing                                                                                 10

2.2.5 Holistic Marketing Concept                                                       11

2.2.6 Marketing Research                                                                  13

2.2.7 Marketing Approach                                                                 14

2.2.8 Market Channels                                                                       15 Two-field of Marketing Channel                                             15

2.2.9 Middlemen                                                                               15

2.2.10 Consumer                                                                               17

2.2.11 Cost                                                                                         18

2.2.12 Marketing Efficiency                                                                19

2.3 Agricultural Marketing                                                                  20

2.4 Marketing of Yam                                                                        21

2.5 Problems of Yam Marketing                                                         22

2.6 Imperical Literature Review                                                          23


3.0 Methodology 

3.1 Study Area                                                                                   25

3.2 Method of  Data Collection                                                          26

3.3 Sampling Method                                                                         26

3.4 Analytical Techniques                                                                  26


4.0 Result and Discussion                                        

4.1 Socio-economic Characteristics of the Respondents                       29

4.1.1 Age of Respondent                                                                    29

4.1.2 Sex of Respondent                                                                    29

4.1.3 Level of Education of Respondent                                             30  

4.1.4 Household of Respondent                                                          31

4.1.5  Marital Status of Respondent                                                    31

4.1.6  Source of Fund                                                                        32

4.1.7  Marketing Experience of Respondent                                        32

4.2     Source of Yam Supply to the Respondents                         32

4.3     Marketing Channel of Yam in the Study Area                              32

4.4.   Market Performance                                                                 33

4.4.1  Cost Return and Profit of the marketers in the study area           33     

4.5     Factors Affecting Sales Volume of Yam Marketers                    35

4.6     Problem of the Respondents                                                      37


5.0     Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation                 

5.1     Summary                                                                                 38

5.2     Conclusion                                                                              38

5.3     Recommendation                                                                     39


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