Economic Importance of Irish Potato

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          Irish potato is also known as (solanum tubersum L) among crops Irish potato contribute significantly to economic development in Nigeria. It is now grown extensively throughout the world and it one of the important agricultural crops, world production reached a record of 320 million tones in 2007 and production in the developing countries has almost doubled since 1991, with a corresponding increase in a consumption (Hoftler and Ochieng 2008 and FAO 2008).

          Potato requires high altitude about 1000-1800 meters above sea level, and low temperature of 150c or less. In Nigeria the crop is grown in Jos and Manbilla plateau, with altitude of at least 1400 meters above sea level and a temperature about 100 - 200c. Asumugha et al, (2006) reported that potato is produced in several northern states such as in Borno, Kaduna, Kano and Sokoto during the colds and dry periods. However production is concentrated in Jos plateau and accounted for over 750c of the total production in Nigeria. The production was encouraged by the British colonial government during the Second World War as the tubers were needed to feed their armed forces in West Africa. Since then, the importance of potato has been widely realized such that it is now an important commodity in both local and international trade

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