E-Government Strategy And Service Delivery In Nairobi City County, Kenya

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County Governments deliver an estimated 80 per cent of local public services and are located in and form part of the communities they serve. In order to effectively meet the ever rising demand for better services by the public, County Governments are transforming service delivery through technological innovations enhanced by egovernment to offer better management, greater use of shared data, reliable and efficient handling of routine transactions. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of e-government strategy in service delivery in Nairobi City County, Kenya. Specific objectives of the study included examining the effect of revenue management automation on service delivery, exploring the level of e-government stakeholder’s involvement and their influence on service delivery and lastly probing the level of egovernment leadership support on service delivery in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The descriptive survey research design was employed to study a target population of 296 employees of 3 Nairobi City County Ministries located at the Nairobi City County Headquarters. Research data was collected by means of questionnaires administered to the sampled 165 employees of the Nairobi City County Ministries. The questionnaires contained both open and closed ended questions. Validity of the questionnaires was ensured through judgment of experts while reliability was established through test and retest method during. The collected data was, edited, checked for completeness, coded, classified and entered into Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS Version 22.0) for subsequent analysis. Regression analysis was used to measure the relationship between dependent and independent variables. The study concludes that e-government strategy has improved service delivery through online feedback platforms and legal and regulatory framework which ensures that online services are secure. The study found out that online transactions were secured, revenue was timely collected and back office and front office operations were automated. Additionally, the study concludes that Nairobi City County had ICT partnership trainings for ICT users on service delivery.The study also concludes that-government stakeholder’s involvement through ICT partnership trainings has been critical in ensuring effective service delivery. Finally the study concludes that NCC egovernment leadership has been in the forefront in championing e-government strategy in service delivery through a clear shared ICT vision and allocating budget for ICT related research. Generally-government influenced service delivery in terms of timeliness, usefulness in addressing citizen’s needs and trustworthiness. The study recommends that there was need for NCC to come up with “design for all” ICT facilities and   ICT accessibility champions to support ICT users on accessibility and usability issues. This study also recommends that all transactions done online needed to be backed up daily in an offsite environment for data safety, accessibility and privacy. The study further recommended that there was need for training and sensitization to ensure that egovernment stakeholders were more versed with the e-government platforms and vision in order to create more awareness and ownership. Finally, the study recommends that county leadership needed to allocate and invest more resources in ICT and motivate stakeholders through appreciation, ICT trainings and engagements to ensure that they use ICT in services delivery. 


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