Effect of Privatization and Deregulation on the Performance of NNPC, Enugu Project

Walter Abia Bassey 90 PAGES (17923 WORDS) Project
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This study examines effect of privatization and deregulation on the performance of NNPC, Enugu. The study investigated the effect of the deregulation on the prices and consumption of petroleum products, its returns on NNPC, as well as its impact on the living standard of Nigeria. The empirical analysis is restricted to the period between 2010 and 2016 during the period that policy was implemented. The study made use of Chi Square analysis tool and found out that, although the station has not been fully operational due to management issues, there have been improved performance in operations and supply of the product. The researcher recommended that the Federal government must ensure continuous infrastructural development in the country with strong monitoring and control, among others


1.0              INTRODUCTION                                                                

1.1       Background of the study                                                                   

1.2              Statement of the problem                                                                  

1.3              Objectives of the study                                                                     

1.4              Research Questions                                                                

1.5              Research Hypothesis                                                              

1.6              Significance of the Study                                                      

1.7        Scope and Limitations of the study  

1.8       Plan of the Study                                                                  

1.9              Definition of Terms



2.0             Literature Review                                                                              

2.1       General Overview of Deregulation and Privatization in Nigeria                 

2.2       Conceptual Framework of the Study

2.3       Rationale Behind Government’s Plan to Deregulation and Privatization         

2.4       The Role of NNPC and the Relevance of Deregulation and Privatization             

2.5       Deregulating Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation                                                  

2.6       Obstacles and Trend of Deregulation of the Downstream Oil Sector   

2.7       The Effect of Deregulation and Privatization on Performance of NNPC         

2.8       The Impact of Deregulation of Downstream oil Sector        

2.9       The Economic Implication of Deregulating and Privatizing NNPC

2.10     Government Strategy for Deregulation of the Downstream Oil Sector     



3.0       Research Design and Methodology                                       

3.1              Research Design                                                                                

3.2              Population of the Study                                                                     

3.3              Sample and Sampling Techniques                                         

3.5              Instrument for Data Collection                                                          

3.6              Validity of Instrument                                                                       

3.8        Method of Data Analysis                                                                         



Data Presentation, Analysis and Discussion of Results

4.1        Presentation Analysis of  Data                                                          

4.2       Testing of Hypothesis                                                                        

4.3       Discussion of Findings                                                                      



5.0              Summary of Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion               

5.1       Summary of Findings                                                                        

5.2       Recommendation                                                                               

5.3       Conclusions                                                                                        



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