Trade Union (TU) organizes for protection and promotion of the interest of their members in particular and workers in general. It pursues the broad objective of steady employment, which is something the employer may not be able to generate to the workers. Achievement of this aspiration may, therefore, involve workers in political actions, through their unions, for maintenance of full employment. The general objective of the study was to establish the effects of trade union on job satisfaction in an organization – Gumah Trading Company Ltd and Batesima Yidana Company Ltd. The study accomplished between March and August, 2016. The research used qualitative and quantitative approaches for the stated objective that was adopted. The study was conducted in Bawku. The target population of the study was the management and employees of Gumah Trading Company and Batesima Yidana Company Ltd, a total sample of sixty (60) employees who are in various departments. The researcher used self administered questions as tools to collect data from respondents. The data was analysed and generated especially frequency tables and percentages were used to show the extent to which the respondents agreed or disagreed with the statement in the questionnaire. The study is significant to policy makers as it will provide insightful information on the effects of trade union on job satisfaction in an organization. Additionally, the findings will enable TUs in organization to understand the perceptions of employees on terms and conditions for reasonable collective bargaining agreement. The findings will also strengthen the relationship between the employer and employee during collective bargaining agreement. 

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