The environment has been seen as human beings, fauna and flora; soil, water, air, climate and the landscape; the interaction between the factors mentioned in the first and second items; material assets and the cultural heritage. The Tropics are latitudinal locations 23°27' north to 23°27' south  of the equator, within the earth's surface, over which the sun is almost directly overhead during the entire year. Environmental Hazards in the Tropics are those substances or actions within the tropical belt that can cause injury, disease, economic loss, or environmental damage at a micro-, meso- and macro-scale. The use of satellite imageries and remote sensing has been used in predicting hazards. Establishment of legislations like the HWSCP Act, FEPA Act, EIA Act and NESREA Act; and enforcement of sustainable mitigation measures have been proffered to reduce the occurrence of hazards an ameliorate losses attributed to hazard with reference to the tropics.]

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