Evolution of Industrial Relation in Nigeria

The practice of industrial relations in Nigeria began during the colonial era by the British colonial administrative government, which was bequeathed to the post- colonial independent government.

 First the trade in slaves which existed in Nigeria and most part of Africa for centuries before the colonial period devastated industrial relation at the beginning of the colonial era, because of the master-slave mentality that existed in the European/ African relationship during the trans-Atlantic slave trade era.

 Organizing a labour force which will work in British companies in the country was difficult at first and importing labour from Europe was not an option because it was expensive and personnel were scarce, therefore Nigerian were forcefully recruited into the European labour force to ease administration, communication and movement within the area, since the territory it was vast and was strange to the foreigners. The recruitment of Nigerians and native into the British companies began industrial relations in Nigeria. 

However, this does not mean that there was no industrial in Nigeria before the colonial era. The industrial relations that began in the colonial era had its foundation on existing industrial and economic practise in the pre-colonial Nigeria. 

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