Workmen/Employee compensation


This paper focuses on the Workmen/Employment Compensation. Workmen /Employee compensation refers to the benefits (cash, vacation, etc.) that a Workman/employee receives in exchange for the service they provide to their employer. Cash compensation consisting of wages or salariesis compensations paid to employees.

    The Workmen/Employee Compensation scheme was established under the Employee’s Compensation Act, 2010. It examines the scheme within the context of its objective, work force covered, financing, compensable injuries and compensation, and administration of the Act; and the extent to which the scheme is in tandem with international labour standards. This is done by relating the provisions of the Act with some relevant recommendations of the ILO as contained in the Employment Injuries Benefit Convention 1964 (C121) as amended.

    The aim of this paper is primarily to review the meaning, Concept, Merits, its coverage and problems related with Workmen/Employee Compensation scheme  as well as necessary areas for consideration by policy makers and further amendments to the law to guarantee adequate and sustainable injury compensation scheme for the worker and economic development in line with the ILO Employment Injuries Benefit Convention recommendation.

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