Examination Malpractice and Teacher's Productivity



1.1     Background of the Study

 Examination is an important aspect of the education process. This is the stage at which the learner’s knowledge, skills, ability and competencies are assessed, and judgment made about such performance. The outcome of such judgment is used for diagnosing as well as replacement of students. Beating the due process of examination leads to malpractices.

          The trend in examination malpractice according to Onuka (2004) can be traced to 1914 when the first known examination malpractice was reported. This was during the year of Senior Cambridge local examination syndicates, about 38 years before the establishment of the West African Examination Council (WAEC). Right from that period, examination malpractice has been part of anti-educational system to both internal and external examination in the country.

 Due to the fear of failure a setback on their progress and the economy loss, student have devised different fast means or practice to aid them in passing examination. This made many people to doubt the authenticity and originality of certificate issued to students or candidates.

 Bello (2003) during an hour national programme, talked intensively on the subject of examination malpractices, he lamented on how teachers, friends, parents and mercenaries collide to aid student to pass examination by hook and crook. It is offensive to find school principals, teachers, examination officials, invigilators, law enforcement agents, supervisors, parents and communities deeply involved in aiding and abetting examination malpractices

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